Creating a new payee

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1

Almost certainly a daft question, but here goes…

Can I create a Payee without immediately making a payment, please?

(Simon B) #3

Hey Graham!

As it stands, not right now!

However, improving the payees section in one of things we’ve committed to fixing in our Big List.

So you should see some improvements here over the next few weeks :grinning:

(Graham - Mental health professional) #4

Thanks Simon. Just seen the list (impressive work plan indeed) but should I assume the “create without payment” option is included or more likely to come along later?

(Simmy) #5

I was wondering the same too, it would be a good addition


Personally I was surprised this was not in the app at day 1.

(Simon B) #7

That’s a very good point. I’ve seen some talk about it and I presumed it was part of the overall project of improving payee management, but it’s not specifically listed. I’ll check with the team!

(Graham - Mental health professional) #8

Most grateful. Thanks Simon.


I just sent 1p to a new account, quite surprised that it let me! That said I agree that you might just want to save the payee for a later date.
Whilst playing I also clicked on “Add person” which then took me through a dialogue culminating (potentially) in the sending of a golden ticket, which I didn’t want to send.(I didn’t complete) It seemed not to be possible to add a person without that happening, i.e. add a new contact without sending a GT. Is that a bug or is it intentional?

(Simon B) #10

Hey @Demmedelusive - Just heard back from our Product team and it looks like a lot of work is going to happen on the “Payees” section in Q3, and this is likely one of the things to be worked on.

Android App UX / Onboarding: New Payee Setup / Management of Existing Payees

(bumped because I latched onto this thread)

(Graham - Mental health professional) #12

Excellent news, Simon, thanks.

(Brian Hunter) #13

More general question, but when are the different quarters? What months do they run over? Is it as simple as:

Jan-Mar : Q1
Apr-June: Q2
July - Sep: Q3
Oct-Dec: Q4