Completed: *Already in new payee hub*: Add Payee without sending money

I see this has been requested before and I am not entirely sure how useful this would be for people, but as a nice quality of life option - adding a ‘skip’ button to the payee screen to skip sending them money, but still add them for future use.

As an example, I had to do this with my riding school. thinking back, I could have used the schedule payment option instead and it would have done what I wanted, but when I added the details they gave me over facebook I didn’t know the lesson time/date.

I had to go back and re-find the details a few weeks later

This feature is already available via Monzo Labs. On Android at least.

It’s “Use the new Payees hub”

Go try it out :grin:


Oh, so it is. I don’t know how I missed that - I think I added them using the ‘pay someone’ option :smiley:
Thank you!