COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

People aren’t turning up for their booster appointments! So I got my Pfizer booster today. They’re only doing Pfizer for boosters here.

This third dose has really taken it out of me, pretty much straight away. Already feeling a bit off.

It gave me a sore, aching arm almost immediately. Next day it had spread around my shoulder. It’s a good thing - the muscles are producing the spike proteins that cause the immune system to respond.

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Just had my flu jab today, got to wait for the 28th before I can have my covid booster.

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It is also badly managed which doesn’t help the situation.
Not by the front line staff, we all know they do a great job, but they are hindered by the bureaucrats, number crunchers and pen pushers in the background.

Do you have any evidence or justification for that? Out of interest?

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I’ll be totally honest, it is just my personal opinion, but an organisation that can spend the billions that they do, and still be short of money surely can’t be being run right :thinking:
AFAIK, the spending is the realm of administrators and civil servants, hence my thinking that it is badly managed.
Also, most of the major decisions are made by the same people, some who have little or no experience in healthcare.
Maybe if the front line staff had a bit more of a say in how the NHS is run, it could be more efficient. :man_shrugging:

(Hope that makes sense)

I don’t think that’s how money works. Of course it needs a big budget, it’s the 8th largest employer in the world. I don’t think that just because the budget is large means that it is definitely enough.

I don’t see any evidence NHS management is to blame frankly, I just think they are underfunded



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Yeah this varient is a worry. Although we all knew one was coming, doubtless the government will pretend to have been surprised when they f the response up again


I’ve just read a different version of that article and in it it had quotes along the lines of “it’s only a few cases” and “we think we’ve got it contained”

I’m sure we’ve heard that before



I meant much more expensive than getting them vaccinated. Why should the taxpayer pay all for all those extra tests you mention for those who’ve decided they don’t want to be vaccinated?


I didn’t mention any extra tests. I said I people should be doing them vaccinated or not.

It’s taxpayers who are getting the tests, I suppose. Also, it might not be a good idea (for taxpayers) to put obstacles in the way of people getting tested.

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