COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

When returning to the UK you would have filled in a passenger locator form. The form now asks you to scan your NHS barcode if you’ve been vaccinated in the UK.

The airline should have checked your form before you were allowed on the plane, and if you don’t have a passenger locator form linked to your passport number, it will be flagged at the UK border.

If you’ve done everything you need to do, getting through the UK border is pretty seamless now.

This is why I love self-service machines at supermarkets. No longer do you have to queue for ages at a counter, only to find some daft person has waited until their whole trolley has been scanned before declaring they have some vouchers and then start searching in their bag/purse/wallet for them. Then they wait until the vouchers have been scanned and the total declared before they even think of getting their wallet/purse/coin pouch and and looking for the money. Then after they’ve handed the notes over they say “Hang on a minute! If I give you the odd pennies, you can give me a round pound/fiver/tenner in change!” and they start searching through their shrapnel for the right coins. Then they have to search again because they’ve handed over a European cent, or American dime. Then they don’t have the right change anyway and now want one of their notes back so they can hand over a different amount in coins instead… and all the time there’s me who only wants a sandwich and a drink quietly going apoplectic instead.

Alright, the self-service machines aren’t perfect, and wonky scales can occasionally delay things when staff have to check your items and override the machine, but it’s still so much better and quicker than it used to be.

(And breathe…)


Scan as you shop makes everything so much easier, and you can bag things as you go through the shop. I’m a big fan of the stores that allow you to use your phone as a scanner instead of having to use one of their handsets. Some of them even allow you to pay on your phone and walk straight out without even visiting a checkout.


I can partially agree with you regarding scan as you shop. If you’re a trolley shopper, then yes it’s great.

Unfortunately, if you’re a basket shopper, it doesn’t work so well. Either i risk dropping my phone as I try to use two hands to do three things (hold basket, hold phone, scan item) or I put the basket on the ground while scanning, which is annoying and bad for the back.

In England?
I have heard that it is an option, but so far I haven’t come across any places that are requesting it.

Victorious in Southsea & IOW Festival both had people checking before you got in. Not scanning but doing a visual check. Got scanned at The Hundred cricket both times. I’m sure there’s been more too.

Did a test for a wedding last weekend, not sure if that was the church requirement or the couple trying their best, either way I wasn’t bothered.

Southampton games said to have it, but they didn’t ask.

I’ve also been in the audience for a few TV shows that require a vaccine or negative test to be shown.

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Maybe it’s a location thing, or attendance numbers :man_shrugging:
I have been to the races, football, and a christening in the last few weeks without any testing/vaxx pass requirements.
We’re actually going to the races again on Sunday and there is still no mention of any restrictions.
As for the football, in my area we aren’t fortunate enough to have a Premier League club :joy:

Tous Anti Covid will be accepted everywhere. Originally the nhs app QR code wasn’t compatible with the EU ones so you had to convert it.
Now though you should be able to use either the nhs app or the French one but you are likely to find the French one is recognised more easily by staff.

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That’s essentially why we’ve got the French one set up. That and the fact we only get a PDF or letter in Scotland, and can’t use the NHS app.

To be noted at no point did I see anyone anywhere being scanned with a QR code. Everyone, UK and EU, had some PDF file from what I could see.

I think the QR code works ideally when there are scanners but places like shops and bars don’t have them.

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In France recently and I’d say about 50% of venues checked the QR code.

In France they have an app which can be downloaded onto a smartphone and used to verify the QR code. So easy to do, it just depended on whether the venue was being strict in checking or not.


So a Dr has finally got his hands on the document the government was refusing to release.

I’m most disappointed with the name of the war game though, it should of been Project Alice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Trying to get through to my GP to get my booster booked. So far I’m up to 26 minutes in the queue 🤦

I’d do it online, but the online system has decided it doesn’t want to see me :sweat_smile:

To be fair work has a covid vaccination pop-up in a few days, so if GP doesn’t answer phone soon. I’ll just go to that session at work and get myself triple jabbed.

Edit - I’ve a week until the 6 month point so that’s why system won’t let me book on yet. GP can’t do anything either as there slots are locked down for another week too.

That’s what you get for trying to be organised!

I don’t understand why they couldn’t just let you book, but block out the dates you’re not eligible for, rather than preventing you from booking at all until you’re eligible.

NHS’s online systems feel like they’ve been designed and built like clowns half the time. Don’t even get me started on trying to book an NHS day two test! That form was the most finicky web form I’ve used this century. Which reminds me. I need to delete the virtual card I used to pay, because I don’t trust the integrity of card details in the slightest.

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i got the text about the third jab and as it happened a flu jab came up at the GP so I asked for both… they’re not officially doing covid jabs yet despite the text telling me to contact my GP for it! Hopefully they’ll be able to do it (why use up two appointments slots when the whole thing can be done in one?).

It all seems a bit of a shambles compared to the first two jabs.

Can you get the flu jab from the pharmacy? I got mine done at the local boots. I also paid for mine though not sure if you can get the free ones there.

Definitely a good winter to have your jab!

I don’t believe the ones you get from the pharmacy are available through the NHS for those who are eligible. I got mine from Boots, but my mum has to go to her GP.

You can get a flu jab on the NHS from any pharmacy if you’re eligible, in England you can anyways. Dunno how the others work it.

I had mine in boots a few weeks back, as doctors ones are at useless times.


I saw about 10 people earlier, on the side of a main road, all spaced out about 10 metres apart holding up signs that as I was passing could briefly make out something about the deaths that the vaccine caused. What about the potential deaths they could cause by distracting cyclists/drivers etc :man_shrugging:

Has anyone got more info on this ?