COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Exactly Rat_au_van.

I don’t think anyone “wants” multiple peaks. There will be multiple peak regardless, again this is obvious if you actually read the literature before weighing in.

As I’ve explained at length already in this thread we know FOR A FACT mid-May is 0% likely. Controls will continue sporadically for at least 5-6 months.

Again, please stop spreading misinformation, it’s really not helpful.

Hostility or not - what is the problem with explaining something [perhaps for the upteenth time] so that those who dont know - know? R-

Personally I think your wording needs some work @jph. What @michaelw90 clearly meant was “prefer” smaller multiple peaks as opposed to one big NHS crippling one. Show a little humility. R-


Please listen to yourself and step away from the keyboard for a while. You are coming across as incredibly rude and hostile, and unless you’re a qualified epidemiologist with years of experience, you’re no more an authority on this subject than many of the rest of us.

I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt in that this is a stressful time, but it might be better for you to step away and take a mental health break rather than getting angry with people on the internet.


Entirely optional.


Maybe you should read the Code of Conduct.

Not sure how your posts meet that. And on the name calling in particular:

In any case, “there is no tone” is not an excuse to not write in a polite and considerate manner. That has nothing to do with tone and everything to do with choosing words with care.


So far we’re bang on the curve.

We WILL hit 10k dead by about 9-11 April.

This is not a mystery nor is it a surprise nor is it possible to prevent at this stage.

Unfortunately the number of dead won’t slow quickly enough to delay this mainly due to the unhelpfully-vague government “advice” and the severely delayed lockdown compared to other countries.

btw, for those that actually want to look at the deaths per day for different counties in a more meaningful comparative way, it’s incredibly simple to just stack the charts. This is much more useful than ramdomly comparing two completely unrelated numbers:

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It hits hard when it comes to a situation where people have to play God.

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All hospitals already have criteria in place which may be further narrowed if demand increases

Without wanting to sound harsh there’s over 66 million people in the UK only a tiny % have died, the world’s full of billions of people and again the % dying from this virus is minute, the world will go on.

What hit hard for me was reading a report in the Guardian this morning that warned hospitals could run out of oxygen if they had too many patients on ventilators and CPAP devices. We’ve had weeks of “hospitals need more ventilators” but I hadn’t even considered they might need more oxygen to go along with them. :grimacing:


This is already happening.

Two days ago, I found out that an old acquaintance has been in a coma from Coronavirus for 2 weeks. A week after he went in, his mother caught it too. When she went to the hospital she wasn’t deemed high priority to save due to being elderly. She died. He’s still in the coma. If he lives, he’ll have to come to terms with the fact that he almost certainly passed it to her.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking stuff, and having that happen to someone I know (although I haven’t seen him for a number of years) has very much affected my mental health.


That’s rough.

I hope you feel better.

Sorry to hear that, and it’s the very harsh reality of where we are.

Stay safe & hope you can manage through this.

To add further context, COVID 19 deaths accounted for just 1% of deaths in England and Wales in the week ending 20 March.

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But the deaths are rising almost exponentially and if the health service suffers a shortages of doctors and/or beds, there will be deaths that are indirectly due to COVID but not included in the figures.

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One thing I worry/wonder about is the number of young nurses and medical students who may need to make lots of difficult choices that they aren’t necessarily equipped to deal with and the impact on them.
(Of course I understand the fact that death is a part of being a doctor or nurse etc).


This is especially true. If all the ventilated beds are occupied with COVID patients, those beds won’t be available for anyone else.