Couple of questions/ideas

  • Is it your intention to print names on the cards? At the moment this isn’t an issue but I already have a matching business card with my girlfriend and its confusing enough.

  • The issue with TFL delaying the transactions is it possible to back date these to the correct dates to appear correctly on the day used?

  • I think I read somewhere that Mondo will notify you if you don’t tap out at a station… Is that true or have I just made it up?

  • An idea of being able to report declined transactions in the app? (I’ve only had one so far which was with the Stansted Express).

Probably yes, eventually. Having “anonymous” cards lets us post them out a lot faster (ie overnight). If we personalised them with names, you’re looking at more like 3-5 days.

Yes, we’re working on that in the next few weeks.

I started building that as a hackathon project, but it’s not yet made it into the product app. I’d like to have it working in the next 3 months (I forget to tap out so often!)

You can report them here

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A hotel in NY just refused to take my Mondo card (in person) because it didn’t have a name on it. Seems like it counts for something even if it’s just to look like a ‘normal’ card.