Could not get past verification code

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Hi I’m at the point where I need to pick my uk address and key in my number by when i get the verification code, when i entered the verification code it says something went wrong, sorry we couldnt verify your phone number, please try again.

Help please, thank you

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Email and they’ll help you out :metal:

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where are you based (roughly) Abang , does your phone have a UK number ?

(Abang Shafiz) #5

Really? I’ll try it right now thanks

(Abang Shafiz) #6

Yeahhhhh ihave a uk number

(Abang Shafiz) #7

I’m a student in cardiff, i have a uk number under giffgaff

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Just double checking as that’s a problem seen before. Email help or you can tweet them if you’re a twitter person, they’re good and quick

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Is your phone number already in use by another account, by any chance?

(Abang Shafiz) #10

I dont think so. Before this my friend gave me a golden ticket but when i wanted to register and everything i went up to the stage where they ask me to enter a tax number but im not a student so i dont have a tax number. So my friend ask to register the normal way.

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Doesn’t ask for tax number, it’s just tax residency (which is uk). Think you confused it by trying to sign in twice

(Abang Shafiz) #12

What should i do now to use Monzo though?

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They’re the only ones who can unblock this for you, or Monzo on twitter

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