Cost of living payment

Has anyone seen the cost of living payment in their upcoming payments on their monzo?
I was hoping to see mine but it’s not there

When’s it due?


IIRC When Martin Lewis was talking about it I think he said the 14th of July. In theory those with Monzo should start seeing it pop up today.

I don’t think everyone who is eligible is gonna get it at once it though, it’ll probably be staggered throughout the rest of the month.

Could also be made as an adhoc payment via faster payments. You’ll see it in your transaction feed when it’s ready.


Has DWP ever processed a payment via anything other than BACS without some kind of exemption? :eyes:

Been a while since I’ve been in the know, but it’s the government. Slow and antiquated. Don’t see why they’d ever change until they’re pushed.

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The cost of living payment is just for people on welfare support right?

Is the other one just the energy bill £200 grant in October?


It starts going out from tomorrow and should be completed by the end of the month. If anything goes wrong it could be delayed by a couple of weeks.

It’ll be BACS payment, only time it’ll be faster payment will be if something is identified as incorrect in the batch process. In those cases the bank would be instructed to reverse the payments before it gets to the customer. Payment would then be replaced with faster payment.

Below is the government page about the payments


£400. But yes.

And unlike the originally proposed £200, the £400 doesn’t have to be paid back.


I’ve no idea tbh :joy: benefits aren’t for me. We miss out on all the goodies.


:person_facepalming: most benefit claimants wouldn’t class the money they need to survive on as ‘goodies’


Wish you moaners wouldn’t moan for one day.



I’m sure those people dependent on that money to survive appreciate your sarcasm about them getting goodies



I will not get it as I have worked all my life, and never received a penny in benefits.

And that is not bitterness towards the system, or those that are eligible. It is appreciation that I was fortunate enough to be in secure employment throughout my working life and thus not experience some of the hardships that people are going through at this moment, many through no fault of their own, i.e. not life choices. Covid, especially, put many people in positions they never dreamed of being in, financially, emotionally, mentally, and employment-wise. Even before this Cost of Living Crisis.

And the £400 that gets credited to our electricity accounts (uplifted from the original £200 and now not repayable), is due FROM October 2022, according tot he dot gov website.

I thought that I had read somewhere that it was going to be in two payments, however, their website does not mention that, so I may be mixing it up with the £650 one, that is being paid in two instalments.

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I’ve yet to even receive my £150 Council Tax rebate (and no means to chase this up apparently), so frankly I’m not holding my breath about any energy rebate turning up this side of Christmas.

Do you not pay by DD?

I had to fill in a form for my mom, who doesn’t pay council tax, and her’s was received in to her bank account yesterday. Applied middle-end of May.

I do. I should have been amongst the first to receive as a result, but some people who pay by DD didn’t receive theirs either (although it seems to be a few edge cases to do with “verifying the bank account” - on this it’s my NatWest not Monzo alas). Unfortunately they are doing the Post Office vouchers for those who don’t pay by DD now (until end of July) and then I might be able to try and chase it up. It’s a right ballache.


We did get our £150 Council Tax ‘rebate’ at the start of June and we don’t pay council Tax via DD (manual monthly bank transfer instead) - I suppose it is down to how the local Council process the ‘payments’

Nextup → October’s £400 bonanza

Thanks for the explanation I got confused by all this talks of government grants and the news doesn’t help sometimes either I knew there was 2 separate grants depending on what situation people were in but couldn’t for the life of me figure it out without confusing myself further.

@tbutz When I chased up with LCC they said people can expect to continue receiving the CT grant way until late August so I’d probs chase up if you haven’t heard anything by then if you feel like it’ll benefit you? :slight_smile:


I might have this wrong but isn’t this just given to your energy provider to credit your account? Essentially it’s a bit of a cash loan to them.

I guess if you have a positive balance you could technically ask for a refund to your bank account.

I wonder what would happen if everyone asked at the same time…