More transaction detail

It would be nice to have more details for us nerds (and troubleshooting) of transaction details:

E.g. Entry method - EMV contact/EMV contactless/magstripe emulation contactless/magstripe/keyed/recurring
Verification - PIN (and PIN type - offline enciphered, offline plaintext, online), CDCVM, signature, no CVM, etc


Why? Do you really need all that?

Of course not. I’m a nerd who’s curious how things work, and where things might have gone wrong when they do. Do you really need [insert random thing you like that’s frivolous and geeky]? Nope, but that’s what having fun in life is about - enjoying the little things that we don’t need, but make us happy. Like a Starbucks soya mocha with sugar free caramel, good shoujo anime and nerdy details about card transactions :slight_smile:


This sounds like something we could consider adding to the API. :eyes:

We’re unlikely to add this level of detail to the app itself, though adding something such as the contactless symbol to contactless transactions has been somewhat considered.


Yes. It would be nice to have some of this in the API and maybe a textual dump at the bottom of transactions in the app if the "god mode :stuck_out_tongue: " is enabled in settings?

That would be nice. And especially with Android/Apple pay - it would be nice to a) be able to see what transactions use that method and b) be able to filter by that

That sounds perfect, honestly.

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I would love if the API returned the raw data received from MasterCard. I think you’re already doing that for Faster Payments

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Is there any particular reason to leave it out? I realise most people would not go looking for this level of detail most of the time, but having it available by (for example) clicking on the bottom line of the transaction detail page where the text that would show up on a regular bank statement is shown could be useful when investigating any kind of problem with a transaction, before deciding to send a message to the support team.


Adding to my first two requests (entry mode and CVM) I was thinking of some more details that would be good (maybe some of these already show and I haven’t encountered yet):

  • Transaction type (e.g. purchase, purchase with cash back, unattended cash, cash at counter)
  • Response code (authorised, partially authorised [if Monzo supports this for low balance?], declined)
  • If M/Chip Fast (for US market transactions) was used

I agree that information like this would be confusing and of little interest to the “normal” user.

However, I am very much in favour of “advanced options” in the app whereby a user can if they wish really drill down and see this sort of info.