Core App: Better payments

I’ve never understood why there needs to be, or why it might be desirable to have, 3 separate payee lists (frequent, recent, and all).

Why not just have a single list with filter buttons (or menu) to choose between recent, frequent, and all?


Is it likely that we will get the option to add notes to subscriptions and direct debits?

You can already add notes to both of those

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How do I do that on iOS in payments screen and anything listed under subscriptions/DD?
There is no notes or reference section.

You can add it to the transaction notes after the direct debit or subscription has been taken

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Do you mean add notes to the eventual transaction or add notes to the entries on the schedule page?

Card subscriptions yes, but not standing orders or direct debits on iOS


Excellent. Didn’t realise that had been added.
Do you know when it became available?

No idea, sorry!

I only looked today when it was mentioned here

I can’t remember this not being a thing

You ARE special @Rat_au_van


Now that we can edit notes on iOS for bank transfers I’ve only just realised this overwrites the reference field. This shouldn’t be allowed to happen. The transaction reference should remain as an uneditable field after the transaction has taken place, and the notes field should be distinct.

Would this request come under the scope of “better payments”?



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Maybe I was conflating direct debits and bank transfers, and the issue never existed with direct debits. But it’s definitely only relatively recently that you’ve been able to add/edit notes for bank transfers in iOS.


This is (relatively) new for iOS, I think. But it’s always worked that way on Android. It’s wrong, but I can’t see anyone leaping in to fix it - it feels fairly fundamental yet there’s no profit in fixing it. :pensive:


It was a few months ago now, maybe late summer?

I’d been harping on it about it for literally years and was so excited when it finally happened.

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Bit of a let down for me. I was also really keen for notes to be added to bank transfers in iOS, but now that I know it involves overwriting the original transfer reference I’m not sure I’m going to use it :frowning:

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Just add an extra line of notes

Only the first will show on the feed but the second line is there if you look at the note field of the transaction

:joy: there’s no character limit

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If it works like the Android version, it doesn’t overwrite it, merely provides the reference as the default text you can add to

I’d be perfectly happy to see the suggestion from @Peter_G of having a read only original field as a user editable one, but I’ve not had major issues with the current implementation that known

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Here’s an example of a transaction page showing notes field and reference field. Like you say, the reference is used as default text for the notes field.

But when you edit the notes field it also edits the reference as well as the grey text at the bottom of the transaction details page (as shown in images below). I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t want these to be immutable records of the transaction that took place and so untouchable by edits in the notes field

Surely it would simply involve mapping the reference field in the UI to the “description” field in the underlying data structure, which doesn’t seem to get modified when the notes are modified