Coral is sooo 2019 - time for Classic Blue cards

Pantone have just announced their colour (color) of the year for 2020, replacing 2019’s Hot Coral with Classic Blue.

Must be time for Monzo keep up with the fashion trend and change cards to match!

Will be hard to properly reproduce , I reckon it will end up looking cheap.

End up looking boring

I vote for Pantone 448 cards

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Someone at google trends is scratching their head wondering why there’s a sudden surge in people googling that

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It’s James, he’s their quantum computer

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How can it be the colour of 2020? It isn’t even 2020. Feels like a marketing gimmick.

Also, as a Manchester United fan, I will never use a blue card.

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Hmm, interesting! Not a big fan of blue myself but still have that Lagoon Blue card :woman_shrugging:

What a cool job choosing the colour of the year must be though?! Would always be pink if it was up to me :see_no_evil:


Every year Pantone trot this out, it’s ALMOST like they found a way to remind people they still exist and are repeating that pattern until people get bored of it… /cynic

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No thank you. Stick with Hot Coral please.

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