COps: The Mission of Customer Support at Monzo

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Agreed, Monzo do have the best customer service at the moment.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #5

Only had a ‘long wait’ a couple of times… However if I were to compare this to most other banks, or companies in general, the wait time is immense, on par with the likes of Amazon or Google support (both of which have always been excellent IMO)

Either way, keep up the wonderful level of customer care and commitment :monzo:! I couldn’t be much happier as a customer :smiley:


Monzo certainly seem to be one of the most innovative companies at present with regards to customer experience. It’s a crucial differentiator between Monzo and the incumbents and goes a long way to reducing the painful interactions of old. The team members I have dealt with have been extremely professional and are clearly super smart. Keep up the great work!

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The Monzo ‘wait’ is nothing compared to the Uber wait… 48 hours at times and they don’t even read the issue just send a canned reply even after saying issue resolved.

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Ive only had to contact customer service a couple of times. But Each time it has been flawless.

(Tom ) #9

It’s been amazing to see the journey that COps have gone on. Congratulations. My 70 year old dad (who certainly isn’t tech shy) was amazed that he could resolve an issue when he was away in India, all through a quick chat in the app. But what amazed him more is the personal touch - how the team asked about the holiday, India and the weather.

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Monzo has the best customer service of any bank I’ve used…by quite a distance. I would hazard that many of the ‘issues’ customers face with Monzo at the moment stem from the beta limitations in place / lack of full current accounts. I had an issue myself on this and the customer service team were excellent in resolving the issue. I hope that as the bank grows and that as more features are available to customers that the level of service remains as excellent as it is currently - that will be the big challenge.

(Will Ross) #11

What have you found to be the best ways to categorize user issues to balance user value and complexity? Particularly interested in: recency bias and catering for edge cases.

(Emma) #13

Hi Will! :wave: To clarify, when you say categorise do you mean how do we prioritise these issues on the frontline of customer support or how do we analyse them when looking to improve the product? :grinning:

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Hullo @emma_mondo! Here thinking about how you categorise at the frontline,
for further analysis further downstream. Thanks!


Have a look at the Hacker News presentation by Jonas linked to here:

He discusses the Monzo Biz Ops Queue which is a really interesting approach to handling and prioritising tasks. It will also give you an insight into how Monzo might treat recency bias and edge cases.

The quality of the Monzo support is an indicator of how effective such a Biz Ops Queue can be - I believe that more businesses need to work more cross-functionally to create such tools that work for everyone in the organisation.

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@tristan @emma_mondo I think some typo happend in your post, can you clarify please? Tapas’ blog post says 26 COps, your blog post says 37 COps.

I think Tapas was correct, Tristan is wrong. I take bets, people. :wink:

edit: argh, it was @emma_mondo’s post. I still take bets.

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Hey @Avishai! Sorry for the inconsistencies there :pensive: The 26 accounts for our current frontline customer support team, while the 37 accounts for everyone in the customer operations team including our head of complaints, head of vulnerable customers, head of operations, myself and a handful of new starters that haven’t started training yet. So sorry for the confusion. We should make that a bit clearer :ok_hand:

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[quote=“emma_mondo, post:17, topic:9022, full:true”]
head of vulnerable customers[/quote]

Say what now?

What is this?


@Danny - Monzo have been very vocal about building the product responsibly with vulnerable customers carefully considered. It’s a great move to divide the team up to have a squad and leader with this aim as a core responsibility. Have a read here and it will hopefully make more sense :slight_smile:

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So awesome.

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