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Why is finding the right house so difficult? :sob:

How long have you been looking?

I found the searching quite easy. On rightmove you can draw a radius on a map, tick in all your requirements and it will email you each day with a list that you can skim through.

Message a few local estate agents and they’ll do all the work for you as well

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Payment made and drained my account :slightly_frowning_face:

I know people have had success doing it with Monzo, but for me the main bonus of doing it with Lloyds was that I handed over the letter from the solicitors and the lady typed in the numbers so I didn’t have to worry I’d send all our money to someone else :smiley:

(With confirmation of payee I suppose this is less of a worry)


Did mine by card payment, so didn’t have to go through any raising limits etc etc. Also meant I could just send it over in batches as and when way in advance. Less stress and hassle at least


What a day! We’re in :beers::sunglasses::tada:


When I bought my first house I remember receiving a hamper from Halifax who I had my mortgage with.

It had a bottle of wine, crisps, chocolate, coffee all the way down to mini tool kit, picture hooks and all sorts of other really useful stuff. Someone took a lot of time and effort to provide every little thing you could possibly need or want when you move into a new property - it blew me away.

The alcohol was very much needed after the move, then all the other bits were used over the coming weeks while sorting out all the boxes.


I got a key :man_shrugging:


I didn’t even get all the keys. No utility keys, no keys for the locking windows or the specialist key to open the loft windows wider than a couple cm…

Neither did I. I got a front door key. Literally.

But that was back in the late 80’s when I bought my first house.

Since then, I’ve bought… 4 UK houses and… rented 3 New York apartments & 1 Manchester apartment. No alcohol or gifts given by sellers/landlords. Unacceptably shocking behavior.


I had a welcome box from Nationwide, not as comprehensive as Ordogs but still had a handy few bits in it.


I was about to moan about Halifax not sending me anything, but then I remembered they sent me £250 cashback for buying a ‘green’ home, so I can’t complain really.


Well it’s finally happening - leaving Norwich next week after 20 years for Bradford. Life’s next great adventure. :crossed_fingers:

Ps I offered the asking price 22nd December after one viewing on the 21st so yes, it has taken a long time!


Savings moved from Tandem to Monzo very quickly. Already asked Monzo if transferring £30k to my solicitors will be an issue, no reply yet but it is the weekend!


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I think they can only do it the day or so before; so good luck

True, my eye roll :roll_eyes: is directed at them not reading the message and asking a question already answered.


I’d suggest doing this request really early on the day you’re likely to pay, and it lasts until midnight :relaxed:

If it’s picked up on time. I’d suggest using a different bank if available to be honest


The process has been speed boosted, so in theory this issue doesn’t exist anymore. We’ll find out soon when @Dunsford goes ahead with it.

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