Converting from HSBC - Money Habits - From a happy Monzo convert

I have had a Monzo card for over a year now and have mainly used it whilst travelling abroad, it has always worked perfectly and the customer service has always been great.

Over the last year I have found it increasingly difficult to save money with my traditional bank HSBC. Me and my girlfriend have made some large purchases over the past year/holidays etc, haven’t been living beyond our means but we have find it impossible to try and be aware of how much money we have been spending through traditional banks. We both use American Express cards and have always been big fans of their customer loyalty (we have saved hundreds of pounds through Avios). Recently though we have began to think we need to be more aware of how we are spending are money and making conservative efforts to save (cue saving for that ring!). We both decided to stop using our reward credit cards and just spend money we actually have.

I recently did a scary thing and cancelled my HSBC account/credit card and moved everything over to Monzo. I have to say I’m never going to look back. I was expecting some issues transferring some DD/standing orders doing it manually however its all been a breeze. The ease at which Im able to complete all of my banking through monzo its miles ahead of HSBC’s clumsy app. Not only is all of my banking easier, but being more aware of how much I’ve been spending I have already been able to save hundreds of pounds in different Pots for exciting things for the year.

Im just wondering others experiences from changing over from traditional banks?

For me in a month Monzo has

  • Made my banking easier

  • Allowed me to save and see my spending habits

  • Works perfectly abroad (just came back from France the rate was pretty much identical to the interbank)

All in all to me Monzo seems like a great move from Traditional banks. I will keep one credit card for emergency’s/large purchases but here is to saving in 2018!

How have others found the change?


I tired moving over to Monzo but after several weeks I moved it all back over to Barclays as Monzo just isn’t ideal for handling all my banking needs yet. I hated HSBC though, their customer service is a terrible so I understand the desire to get away from them at least

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It’s defently helped me manage my money a lot better. I’ve gone from wasting a lot of wages every month to becoming a lot better with money.

I’ve used pots to seperate money. That’s helped a lot. My main account was with First Direct which has I have no complaints about.

One massive factor was Monzo does not offer me a overdraft and that has been very helpful to me.

I see many complaints of Monzo but none of those are nagatives in my circumstances.


If you want know more about HSBC, watch Dirty Money, it’s on Netflix :+1:

I’m glad you’ve had a positive experience on being Monzo dependant :hugs:


Got any links for that?

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