Just used switch service to go full Monzo!

My HSBC account was such a pain and the app took 5 mins to load.

I upgraded to plus so I could get dark blue card… sorry but I despise coral…

So now I have fixed the card situation I felt it suits me better to fully switch.

I mainly use a combination of CC - Amex/Capital one as I fly lots and like the points

DC - HSBC/Starling then revolut for some better rates while in China and Korea etc. ‘

Now ill be mostly Amex and Monzo with a little of revolut for withdraw rates in China mainly.

My 2 hopes for the future.
Live currency tool, if you want to hit the frequent traveler then this is a must for me as even HSBC provide a tool.

I also am dying for lounges. I hope they don’t put it at more than about £3-4 and have entry fee at 15.

also looking forward to see the phone/gadget insurance. Just respect that phones cost over £1000 now and MacBook is 2k and don’t do a revolut and cap it at 800 otherwise its worth nothing for most people I feel.