Controls for reminders to top up your account

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I don’t know about many others, but I’m fairly poor and as a result I tend to never have too much money in my Monzo account.

I see this a lot and I find it very annoying.

I wish I could just magically add more money, but I can’t just create more out of thin air and after seeing this all the time I now almost feel like it’s mocking me…

The menu option to the far right of it has a ‘clear’ option but I think it also needs a ‘never show again’ option too.

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It’s a probably a remnant of the prepaid era, where this message made sense - probably less so when it’s used as a main account.


This is a very good point - I find it a bit irritating! Maybe Product guru @kieranmch can shed some more light?


just create more out of thin air

Maybe the real solution would be for Monzo to work on this magical new feature? :upside_down_face:

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With a growing number of people having second accounts the option to top up still makes sense post prepaid accounts. However, perhaps a toggle to turn on/off low balance warnings for those who do not want them?

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Maybe just disable them if they’re not actioned upon ? Someone still using it as a prepaid would be topping up soon after the “No money” message, where as someone using it as their main account would leave it as-is if they’ve got no other money. That’s easy to detect programmatically.

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Hi Toby,

I am an engineer in the Product team.

Thanks for typing up this feedback - we’ve heard this a few times now. I am sorry it doesn’t appear to be particularly tactful in this situation. In most cases, users find these notifications useful and do act upon them.

I would like to look at ways to either allow users to turn this off, or for us to be able to turn this off on behalf of users.

Thanks for your patience while we look into this!


Starling does this too.

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I don’t see the need for it, none of my other accounts do it.

If my balance is £1 then it’s £1, Metrobank don’t text me or call me to add more money to that account or tell me to get an overdraft. I doubt they even care.

Doesn’t make sense that this should ‘become a thing’.


This needs to be actioned upon at the very least please.

Thanks in advance.

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I think users should be able to set their own low balance warning amounts, as well as opt in or opt out of them (which is remarkably something even Smile is able to do :wink:)


I use the monthly targets feature which essentially already has the ‘low balance’ warning baked in it.

However, what you’re said about tailoring the low balance warning is a great idea for those who don’t use targets. :ok_hand:

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Or those of us that don’t have targets [sigh]

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Out of curiosity, why wouldn’t you have a target? :dart:

They’re not on Android yet


Oh that’s a shame :grimacing:

I don’t have any targets and don’t want any, but setting a low balance warning at a user customizable level is something I would use, and had this on other accounts.

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Custom low balance alerts are a really nice idea. I’ll see what the team think and put together a proposal.


And maybe an alert when we are near the FSCS limit to warn us we are about to exceed the cover provisions?


And a unicorn warning as that’s more likely for most than your example :rofl: