Low funds warning?

(Ross Hammond) #1

Does mondo warn you if your card is getting low on available funds?

Can you go overdrawn?

(Stuart Cameron) #2

@spittingllama No warnings that I’ve seen, but that is a good idea!

Not sure about the overdrawn question, maybe someone else will be able to answer that.

(Ross Hammond) #3

Thanks for reply Stuart. Or even an auto top up feature which when your account gets to under an amount you set. say £10 it then tops it up by an amount you set. Similar to how Starbucks card works through the iPhone app.

(Stuart Cameron) #4

@spittingllama Here’s a topic that covers both of your questions - Auto-Top up?

Auto top up seems to be an issue with Apple Pay! but the low funds warning does look good.

(Ross Hammond) #5

Awesome that answers my questions! Thanks!

(James Allison) #6

This is now implemented too - I’ve noticed transaction notifications now usually tell me how much I’ve spent today, but if I’ve got a low balance it tells me my balance instead.

(Ross Hammond) #7

Thanks James! That’s great to know. Only got my card a couple of days ago so wasn’t sure!

(James Billingham) #8

Also for reference, it is possible for your Mondo balance to become negative, but only as a result of offline transactions - where Mondo is only informed of the charge a few days after it happened.

(Brad Gyton) #9

I ended up using the API to add a notification to my feed. A script runs every hour, checks my balance and then based on a threshold, notifies me.

I can look to share the php script?