Remove Yolt access

Once you’ve given Yolt access to your account via the open banking connection how do you revoke access? Can’t find anything on how/where todo that


You need to get in touch with COps using the in app chat at the moment.


First step is to ask Yolt.

If there are problems then contact COps

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As @Rat_au_van says, the best thing to do is to contact Yolt in the first instance as they’ll be able to revoke their access and delete any cached data :slight_smile:

If you have issues with that then please do feel free to contact us! :raised_hands:

aye, wanted to block it at the source, didnt like the way they asked for full login details to Online Banking (NatWest), even though they already asked for OpenBanking access.

NatWest have a web interface to see who has access via Open Banking, although they dont make it easy to find. had to search their website to find the link which says its in online banking, and then its nowhere to be found. I eventually found it on a FAQ with a link to a separate login, which then shows who has access and from there you can revoke.
I dont like how its so easy to grant access but difficult to remove.


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How do you mean? :slight_smile: Yolt will be able to sort this out for you (they are oblidged to) and in the worst case you can ask us to do it from our end :+1:

We ask you to contact Yolt in the first instance as it means they will be able to delete any residual data they hold as well as revoking access.


Monzo should have a list of connections to our account from where we can revoke access instead of having to go to everyone and explain that we want it revoked as we all know some will try and delay or ask questions as to why blah blah blah… I want to stop it end of.

If you can cancel Direct Debits with ease why not API access?


yeah agree,
I just didnt like the way Yolt was asking for full login details. All banks tell you to never give these out obviously so it didnt sit right with me if that makes sense, why should we trust them?
Therefor to ask them to remove access is kinda beside the point really.

I just meant that its very easy to grant API access, you click a link in their app that sends an email from Monzo that you then click to accept (similar with other banks, just as easy as login and click to grant)
but then to revoke you have to go searching and its not easy to see who has access - not sure i like that

They are fully regulated and need that information to access your account

But I share your view, too many years of never share your password or login details being stated everywhere

I’ll just leave this here:

Monzo is not secure enough for my bank account …


My phone has extremely good security, I use it.


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