How do I Cancel Open Banking Access to another app

Hi there,
Can you help? I have linked my Monzo account through open banking to the beanstalk app. But I now want to revoke access. There is no Open Banking Consent section on the Monzo App so how can I revoke access. Thanks in advance.

Can you not do it at the beanstalk end?

In the Monzo app, if you go into your settings and then Privacy and Security you can revoke an apps access in there.

Here is my list:

For the record, this is in Settings > Privacy & Security > Manage Apps. On iOS, I can swipe right to remove an app’s access from this page.

Hi there,
Thank You, thats where it is. Yes I have done now.
Thanks again

I’m on iOS and have seen that page many times. I had no idea you could swipe to delete apps. I’ve clicked on my only 3rd party app in there before (flux) to see what the removal flow was like, but when it didn’t do anything, I assumed it wasn’t built out yet. Learn something every day :sweat_smile:.

I think maybe because although swipe to delete/other actions is common in iOS, I don’t think I’ve used it anywhere else in the Monzo app before.

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