Contractor won't accept payment via a credit card

Hi Team,

We recently decided to have a company carry out some landscaping on our garden, we have the cash, however, we thought it would lift the burden by paying the fee on an interest-free credit card to be payed off over 24 months.

The work is now done and payment is due but we have just found out that the contractor wont accepts payment through a credit card.

How could I get around this? any creative ideas?.

One thought was to link the credit card to my Paypal and make the payment this way, can this be done? Is there a downside to doing this?

If not PayPal, what other options do we have other than paying the amount from our debit card?

On account of the higher processing fee, or some technical blocker?

Could you offer him additional money to cover the processing fee?

No idea about the Paypal think, so I am no help there sorry

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You might not have time now to do this but Curve card could have been a solution here if your Credit card is Visa or MasterCard.


You could get a credit card with a 0% money transfer and get the money put in your bank. I’ve done this before with MBNA.

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ahh, I ad a curve card until very recently, oh damn!

I understand that any protection offered by using a credit card (Section 75 Consumer Credit Act) is void if you link it to PayPal and use PayPal to pay.
I’m not sure what happens if you use Curve.

Try Billhop:

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This looks like it could be exactly what we need and it seems the fees are slightly lower that Paypals, Thank you!

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If it is just the interest-free credit you are looking for - you could do a balance transfer on the credit card, couldn’t you?

Just pay with a normal bank card, get the balance transfer CC to pay off the normal card and voila!

You can use PayPal to send cash from a credit card. They have issue sending it to your own bank account, so send to someone you trust. Also you may find the withdrawal from PayPal may take up to three days for security allegedly.

I think your card issuer will handle it as a cash advance though.

Get a Balance Transfer card with 0%, and that allows you to transfer cash directly to your debit card, but still at 0% interest. :slight_smile:

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This method is a money transfer card not a balance transfer card. I have the 0% MBNA one like @MichaelC mentions above.


In such cases, I use a credit card to top up my Revolut account, and then pay with Revolut - which is a debit card

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Offer to cover the credit card fees would be my first option, because you’ll have section 75 protection then, which you won’t have with revolut or PayPal

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You only need to pay a small amount of any bill on a credit card for the entire purchase to be covered my Section 75 (assuming the purchase otherwise qualifies).

However, if the issue is that the builder doesn’t accept credit cards and you want to take advantage of credit card offers, then I suspect you might be better off looking for a credit card that lets you do a money transfer… and then transferring that balance to an interest free card

Oh dear
Yes curve is the answer - can you reapply?

Just wanted to make sure those who don’t know, understand this:

Also, if a contractor won’t or doesn’t wish to accept credit card payments, that is their choice, I’m not sure they have any obligation to accept credit card payments. One should always have the payment option discussion with a contractor prior to any work being carried out to save any inconvenience or potential embarrassment later.

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