Connected cards: Set 0% credit card expiry date in the app and warn me before

I’m not sure we’ve had this one before.

I have a 0% credit card added to Monzo through open banking. I’d like to be able to set the end date of that offer in Monzo and have Monzo alert me beforehand so I can either pay off the balance or move to another card.

One of those ideas I like, but don’t see it happening. Prove me wrong please Monzo.


But why in Monzo?

You’ll need to search for a new deal outside of Monzo anyway, so you might as well get your phone to remind you.

I’d like Monzo to be my financial hub. If it’s in there then I’ll know where I’ve put it.

I also forget if I’ve put it in my calendar and would quite like an easily accessible list together with my other financial stuff.

(And, perhaps more importantly, it’ll nudge Monzo to being the place I can browse and select my next deal).

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I think they could do a bit with financial help too.

If you set it to pay the minimum each month, could they give you a nudge that it will take longer to pay off your debt like this?

They’ll see it go down by a few pennies each month, probably means you’re on 0% but if that starts to change, has that 0% run out?

If you’re payments increase by a little bit each month, are you treading water with the interest? Could they recommend that you look for a balance transfer card?

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I’d didn’t mean calendar. “Hey Siri/OK Google, remind me to sort out a new credit card on [date]” seems easier than fiddling around in Monzo to me.

Monzo could allow us to change the name of connected accounts to “Credit card runs out in April”


I renamed my 0% credit card to the date when it is due.

Also, created a pot named after the card with the target balance I will need to pay off and the date.

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Great idea :+1:

As far as I’m aware, most calendar apps have notifications.

With Google calendar, it has a default, but you can very easily change it to, say, a week or two before.

In my book, date-related reminders belong in calendars not bank apps.

I think you misunderstand me. I wasn’t talking about alerts or notifications in this context - more that if my term ends in around 12 months it can be difficult to find it in my calendar, particularly as I’d be searching for it as I’d have forgotten the exact date.

But calendars have search functions…

How would it be any easier to find in Monzo?

and alerts to remind you of upcoming events

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I think it needs to be a bit smarter than “your balance transfer expiry date is coming” because you’ll just dismiss it when you see it in the app and if it doesn’t come back, you’ll forget all about it.

I add things like this to reminders on my phone and then it’s easy to nudge it to remind me again in hours/days because I will be busy when it prompts me. I also add things to my work calendar because then I’m likely at a desk and can do life admin while being paid.

And because I’m a nerd, I have it noted in my google sheets export next to that direct debit of when I need to something about it. Same for my energy supplier, phone deal, Sky etc.

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Out of interest, which ones actually do this reliably (besides Google)?

My calendar app just reminds me I have events today. Doesn’t tell me what they are or when so I’ve ended up missing more Adobe connect meetings than I would have liked.

In my experience notifications only ever seem to work as intended if you have a single event at a single time or on a single day in isolation, which is very rare for me because of the way I block my time. It’s why I’m looking forward to daybridge.

This sounds a lot like a credit card version of the request we had for connected account overdraft notifications yesterday. I like both ideas. More simply, I’d like Monzo to use the power of connected accounts to warn me and help me avoid paying any fees or interests with those accounts. It would make the feature so much more valuable, so I’ve voted for both.

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Fantastical is great (ofc). Very customisable, can have multiple alerts per event (X hours, mins before), and I think you can set either globally or per event/calendar basis.

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Personally I use Microsoft To Do (formerly Wunderlist). Integrates nicely with Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS native calendars

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I think you can configure the iOS calendar app to provide multiple notifications.

I usually use the Reminders app for anything I want to be notified about, though.


My intention was never to take this off topic in the direction of calendar and reminders alerts, but here we are! :joy:

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong then, because reminders group all my reminders for the day together too!

Thanks all for the suggestions though! I’ll try some of them out! @Peter_G maybe you wanna split these out into a topic about calendars? :see_no_evil:

The ‘Scheduled’ tab puts them into time order.

To be clear, though, I tend to use Reminders just for the notifications. “Hey Siri, remind me to sort out [task] at [date/time].”

It then appears under Scheduled in its proper place.

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Great idea