Higher contactless transactions

(Kieran McCann ) #1

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As far as I’m aware the maximum amount you can do in one single contactless translation at the moment is set at £30. I’m curious if this is set via particular banks or if this is being regulated for safety reasons? If the amount is set bank by bank, will you allow a larger amount to be payed via contactless for ease of use?

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(Josh Bray) #2

It’s regulated. Banks can choose to lower it but it can’t go higher than £30 atm

(Alex Sherwood) #3

The limit appears to be set by the UK Cards Association.

(Kieran McCann ) #4

Ah well that’s unfortunate.

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(Rika Raybould) #5

Use Apple Pay or Android Pay to go higher contactlessly. Put simply, the equivalent of the PIN entry authentication happens on your device rather than the terminal, allowing it to go over that £30 limit on unverified contactless.

Not all merchant terminals support it though but the number is slowly increasing.

Edit: Should note that Monzo does not currently support either of these but Apple Pay is on the roadmap as medium term with Android Pay as long term. It doesn’t resolve the request for higher contactless limits on Monzo today but is the solution to look at due to the higher security.


I think it’s regulated and enforced by the UK Cards Association as mentioned, not necessarily enforced by the banks themselves.

I used my Halifax CC at a restaurant in Spain on a €60 transaction.
The waiter immediately touched the contactless reader before I could say anything, and to my surprise it scanned and authorised without the chip being read.

So looks like the banks themselves are not forcing a limit on the card.

(Adam) #7

contactless in the rest of Europe is very different to the UK. As already stated, £30 is the limit for a card contactless transaction in the UK while in Spain, France, Italy and Germany there seems to be no limit. Sometimes I will be asked for my PIN on a contactless transaction. First time that happened I was surprised.

(Josh Bray) #8

You can be asked for your pin on a normal transaction. It’s very rare but usually if you make loads of large contactless transactions in a row.

(Adam) #9

Sorry, meant first time a contactless transaction for €70 in Italy was a surprise.


I think what @walderston meant was, you are asked for a pin as part of a contactless transaction, not chip & pin - you scan the card and then are prompted to enter a pin without ever putting the card in the reader. I’ve also had this in Europe but never in the UK

(Josh Bray) #11

This can happen in the UK too. It’s very rare that you will be asked to do it but it can happen