Contactless Payment with a Key Ring

I think that this would be a really good addition to the options of paying, why do we have to have a traditional sized card when for most payments now we just tap?




It’s an interesting option I must admit. :slight_smile:

My immediate thought is that the hole in that card is also going to puncture the RFID aerial and so it won’t work.

My second thought is that cards on keyfobs are something that, in my experience, sound good in theory but don’t work as well in practice. I’ve a MyWaitrose card on my keyfob because I don’t have wallet space for the full one, and about 50% of the time it takes a surprisingly long amount of fumbling to get the keys out of my pocket and the fob presented to the machine.

My third thought is that key fobs can wear out and drop off without the owner realising, so it might not be the most secure way of keeping a card. It’s one thing if it’s a loyalty card or a library card or a registration card to a tradesmans organisation (all lost fobs I’ve found in the past), but a bank card is a whole other level.

Lastly, if you have more than one bank card, how would you decide which one to put on your keyring? Or if you put more than one on, how would you deal with card clash?


I’ve seen this as a ‘register your interest’ thing in the dozens app. Not sure I’d ever use it but it sounds really interesting!

It’s the kind of thing the barclays prepay was playing with a couple of years ago (shut down now alas, I barely got my £10 out in time :stuck_out_tongue: ). IIRC they had a keyring but it was quite pricey (which, given the wristbands were free never made much sense to me since it was only a piece of plastic).

Biggest problem I’ve found with alternative payment methods was cashiers weren’t expecting them. You had to get a card out and quickly substitute the wristband. I guess nowadays getting a phone out would suffice…


Barclays did this last year and it’s available for other banks, although limited to VISA.

While they do a key fob, I prefer the sticker option:

Instead of a key ring, how about just a ring? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is there still no updates on this monzo . There’s been a ton of posts about making a contactless band or ring .

K-ring have a tie up with ABN Amro now so it must be possible to link to Monzo?


Are things like this even needed now with Google Pay, Apple Pay and few others ( Samsung etc) and everything is either on your phone or even your watch etc.

I rarely take any of my cards out of my wallet anymore and use Google pay for most things (under £30 of course).

Also, the fob wont work with the new fingerprint technology that is coming to credit/debit cards soon. (ideal for payments over £30 etc)

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There has been ten comments on this thread and it only has one “vote”

Cannot recall too much discussion elsewhere on here either, so wondering which posts you are referring to

I am not dismissing the idea, but as compared to, say, cheque imaging it does not appear to have much demand on here

These days I (almost) always have my phone on me and it is easier to hand than my keys which always seem to be intertwining themselves with my work pass and the like (as @HoldenCarver also experiences it seems!)

Why restrict yourself to under £30 only?

The votes are misleading because they were only introduced recently, but these posts have been floating around for a while.

They were probably thinking of posts like this one:

Because a £30 limit has been set by everyone so I believe

There’s no £30 limit at many places. Spend away.

Hi all there a monzo community liaison engaged on this thread if you want voice your use case . Probably better to vote on only one thread so it’s easier for Monzo to see .