Contactless payments Via App

(Aj) #1


I know theres alot of work to be done with apple pay and i know there are costs associated with using another payment processor.

Would it not be eaisyer to invoke the nfc chip on most phones and have the payment taken via the app?

I appreciate this is harder with apple but its just a thought because on my old iphone i used to have an app that would clone rfid cards so i could get aceess to fob entry systems i appreciate theres alot more security that goes into a bank card but honestly im wondering why some if these things havent been thought about already

(Adam Williams) #2

From what I understand, Crapple Apple don’t have APIs that allow direct access to the NFC chip on the device. I believe it’s been opened up a little bit with Core NFC to be able to read more tags but I’m not sure it’s at a stage where you could make a payment system with it.

on my old iphone i used to have an app that would clone rfid cards so i could get aceess to fob entry systems

Was it jailbroken?

(Aj) #3

Yes… so i suppose its possible but monzo wouldnt want to promote that kind of thing.

I also have a feeling that apple would prefer that banks use apple pay so they generate some revenut. Generally i wouldnt mind but im invested in monzo in the sense anything I can do to help them reduce costs im all for, same reason why i voted the worst option on the recent poll about forgeign cash withdrawls since it hurts monzo per transaction.

(Adam Williams) #4

Would also exclude a pretty substantial chunk of the userbase who hadn’t jailbroken their devices, sadly


Who’d jailbreak a device they have banking software on?

(Adam Williams) #6

:wave: Though it’s rooted, not jailbroken.

(Aj) #7

My s8 is rooted too, i should have the freedom to do whatever i want with something I own.

Also its such a negative term because Jailbreaking inherently doesnt make a device less secure its all just a matter of what you do with it.

(Allie) #8

This is only really possible with Android, and it makes for a terrible user experience. Amex UK used to do it (while our American friends were allowed Android Pay). They eventually gave up. Barclay’s still does it… it’s horrendously bad. Their loss, it just means I don’t use my Barclaycard often.


But you have to trust the hackers who jailbroke it. I’ll leave you to ponder how sensible that is when it comes to finances…

(Peter Roberts) #10

Not to mention if you have the ability to arbitrarily drop to root then so can an attacker or malicious app. It does absolutely make a device less secure by opening more attack vectors

Edit: I’m think of android in particular but my knowledge of iOS is that essentially the situation is the same

(Allie) #11

I’d say it’s generally far more suspicious. The Android community is much larger and more open, and there isn’t the same reliance on exploiting security holes to achieve what is needed (e.g. I run a totally custom ROM that’s open source and many people work on).