Turn your phone into a card reader

Curtsey of @RyanODonnell for sending me this, first I’m seeing of it (couldn’t find a topic on it)


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Lol, I just had to grab the images and make sure nothing confidential was on it. Genuinely don’t know if he’s just having me on, or what

It looks like it may be Android only and just for the business side, he has a Monzo business account

But wouldn’t this be great for just regular people


It’s not new (that I know of) but has been around a while for business folks. I think thought that this would be cool in the style of iOS 17 contact switching via NFC for this to start working for personal payments.

LOL - I just remembered back in the day you could do this on certain phones via infra-red, who else is old enough to remember

  • Yes (I am Old)
  • No (What the hell is Infra-Red?)

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Seen this in a few teardowns! I think this will be coming to iOS too, but using the Apple Pay thing that Apple released not long ago where you can use your phone as a card terminal!

Nice. Good improvement for businesses!


I think, like most finance features Apple releases, that’s US only.

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Yeah it’s US only at the moment, so it’s not coming to monzo UK anytime soon.

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Ah, must just be the Android version - as that’s supported in the UK :sob: That’s probs what I read in the teardown.


I’m actually kind of tempted to open a Sole trader account to test this out when it comes to iOS

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What is to stop you holding your phone near people’s pockets and getting a payment. I realise card clash could be a problem for it, but there would be occasions when people just have one card in their pocket.

Tap to Pay on an iPhone is coming to the UK soon


I guess… nothing really, but you could also do the same with the square terminal or similar

Yes I suppose so, although having a phone in your hand is more natural (and less likely to be noticed) than a card reader.

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Dont they have to have their phone unlocked though. I have to unlock my phone to pay in shops etc.

Not to a card

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This isn’t Apple Pay, this turns your phone into a payment terminal,



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Holding a phone in your hand and pressing it against someone’s pocket is not natural :joy: It would actually be much easier to hide a square card reader in your palm and surreptitiously hold it next to someone’s pocket.


You can do this with a normal card terminal. The law is the reason why people don’t do it. Very easily tracked who did it and fraudulent transactions are refunded.

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So far the Apple version of tap to phone has launched in a few countries. Western and Northern Europe including UK should be within the next 6-9 months.

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