Alternative payment methods

I like the sound of this, is it a step ahead of Monzo

Honestly, feels like it would be an unnecessary and bulky thing to keep on my key chain.
Surely chip & pin isn’t that much of an inconvenience?

Furthermore, smart devices can perform Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method ( CDCVM ) and therefore bypass the limits.

The biometric fob looks to be an inefficient use of resources, both in time to develop, and material to produce!


It all just seems another way of using contactless. Smart watches, phones. Even supermarkets have integrated contactless into their own loyalty cards.

Not for me. I have two keys on my keyring, I don’t need anything else in my pocket.

Better to use a smartphone. More widely accepted and supports multiple cards without £100 limit


I don’t really see this as being a step ahead of Monzo, I see it as Natwest going off on an unnecessary tangent. I don’t see why anyone would want to carry around a lumpy thing like that when they already have the ability to pay with their phone.

I can’t imagine being in a situation where I don’t have my phone or my card, but I have my keys. I feel like I’m more likely to lose/forget my keys than the other two so this feels a bit unnecessary :thinking:


Not for me thanks.
I’ll just stick to my physical card.

I’m still not convinced, but I saw a kickstarter a while back for a ring with a built in NFC chip which looked pretty slick, and I was tempted to support it so I could wave my hand in front of contactless terminals like a Jedi