Contactless fob card

Would it be possible to make a micro version of the card that I can put on my key-ring to use only for contactless purchases/tube. As I feel like I always got better access to my Sainsbury’s “membership card” (the one they give out to have on your key-ring), than the stuff in my wallet.

Someone has suggested this before although they’ve tried to coin a fancy term for the name:

It wasn’t very popular back then as Google/Apple Pay through your phone was favoured. Who knows though, things might have changed but sadly not for me - I hate keyrings and such :smiley:

I really dont see the need for it if I’m honest.

I have Apple Pay, literally the only thing my card is ever used for is to put into a machine to enter my pin

Your mileage may vary of course


As above, what is the use case? You don’t need your card at all if you use mobile payments.

Also after a certain amount of usage it needs to be used with a PIN by law.

Another No here I’m afraid.
I can see for some it may be a novelty, but as I have to keep 2 sets of keys with me at all times when I’m at work, I avoid taking keyrings of any sort with me when I’m outside of work.
Also, with the current plethora of choice regarding cards
(Physical card, Apple/Google/Samsung Pay, Curve, etc) is there really a need for it?

I’m all for small form factor cards.

Now I had Apple Pay I wouldn’t use them, but can see the benefit of having a keyring sized card.

Pingit / formely Bpay is a ok version of that - all be it a pre paid card

Sounds like a great idea. Could definitely see this being useful for public transport and quick contactless payments.

People who block up the queue at the tube barriers because they unsuccessfully use apple pay (worst offenders using their watch) drive me mad…

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I was just creating a new topic to suggest this and this thread popped up instead. Surprised there’s not more love for this.

I know a lot of people register their cards on their phone. I don’t personally. I don’t like getting my phone out to pay for something. I solely use cards and understand I may be in the minority.

But what’s wrong with another option to make things easier? I sometimes leave my wallet at home and just take my monzo card - having a mini contactless on my keyring would be great. It could be called MINI MONZO!!

I was just out for a long run and I totally bonked and I needed water (or even better a Cherry Coke) but I had no money on me and I was far from home. I don’t take my wallet or phone with me when I run, but I do take my keys. That’s when this popped into my head.

I’ve never seen another bank with a mini key fob card. It would be original an could be a USP. People would see it and it would blow their minds and they’d immediately sign up to Monzo.

Surprised there isn’t more love for this. I think it needs some reconsideration.

In the interest of balance I will list two challenges:

  1. Monzo make you insert your card every now and then and enter your pin for security reasons. This wouldn’t be possibe with MINI MONZO so this needs a workaround.

  2. It’s another thing to create - costly for Monzo. When the investor card came in did they charge £3 if you wanted a new card? Well they could do that again so only the people who want it need to pay.

Imagine MINI MONZO on your keyring people. It could even be ‘M’ shaped. It’s the future.

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I don’t think this will be possible to do at all now because Strong Customer Authentication is legally required and the card networks in the UK don’t support contactless + pin. You’ll have to find another way to quench your thirst.

Gah! You Debbie Downer…

Do all banks make you insert your card every now and then?

Also how does this work with phone payments? Do these users occasionally have to make a transaction with their card using pin every now and then.

They do yes, I’d need to do some research to find out, but it’s generally after you’ve spent a certain amount or made a certain number of transactions.

To make a payment you’re required to have two of the following:
Knowledge (something only the user knows)
Possession (something only the user possesses)
Inherence (something the user is)

A person paying with Apple or Google Pay will never be asked to enter their pin because they’ll either have:
Possession (the phone) and Knowledge (the phone’s pin number)
Possession (the phone) and Inherence (biometrics - fingerprint, iris, face ID etc.)

Sorry to be such a negative Nelly but with a fob it would only be possible to have one of the three, and without the UK supporting contactless + pin like they do in other places around the world it’s unlikely fobs will happen I’m afraid.


Okay ‘Can’t Do Carl’, I get it.

But on a serious note, thanks. Good knowledge from you.

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