Contactless over £30

(Allie) #185

Is it for existing terminals or only new deployments?

Also is there any online PIN requirement?

(Rika Raybould) #186

It has been a requirement for new deployments for a few years now, this is for existing deployments. :+1:

(Allie) #187

Awesome! But how do shops like Tesco and ASDA open new locations or replace bad terminals now then?

(Rika Raybould) #188

Ideally, they’ll push out new configuration that enables it. It’s been technically supported on their terminals for quite some time. :sweat_smile:

Based on the last time I was at a new-ish Tesco, they appear to have restricted it by just setting the floor limit on the terminal to £30 when using contactless regardless of what CVM is offered/performed, as contactless is still enabled over £30 but will always decline.


I think she was asking how they get away with opening new stores/replacing terminals with ones that don’t support CDCVM >£30 if it’s a requirement that new deployments support it… maybe.

(Rika Raybould) #190

Ah, I strongly suspect adding terminals to an existing deployment rather than going for a new round of certification with a new implementation project (this is normally done for the merchant by the acquirer as far as I know) is how they haven’t had to do it yet.

(Allie) #191

Ah. That makes sense if it’s considered a change not a whole new deployment. And yes that was my question :slight_smile: thanks @Liam_W for understanding my terrible wording. LOL

(Jack) #192

I’ve experienced it a few times with AMEX. I was rather mindblown when I did it for the first time.
It was more accidental that I discovered it as I didn’t look at the total I was paying, I thought it was under £30.

(Ben Talbot) #193

I work in a Tesco and it’s a massive ballache how for so long they’ve refused to turn it on

(Ben Talbot) #194

Paid £500 for a TV with AP Amex :stuck_out_tongue: