"Contactless card fraud warning: Crooks can use them MONTHS after cancellation"

Monzo should be somewhat immune to this (aside from offline transactions):

It’s crazy though that the banks and payment industry have allowed this to happen - I’d have assumed that the chip in a contactless card would randomly force “online” transactions every so often (where possible) for the sake of phoning home.

I’m afraid Monzo would not be completely immune from this. It’s true that Monzo would always try to do an online transaction. But offline ones are still possible. If the fraudster uses your card on an offline transaction before the card has any chance to contact Monzo, it might still go through.

Correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

I have serious questions as to how charges made using cancelled cards are ending up coming through on the accounts of customers at all.

Never mind the offline functionality causing the card to still think it’s valid and terminals blindly accepting it, that’s dumb enough but how do the banks not seem to know that a transaction came from a cancelled card and raise that up with fraud or bouncing it back rather than what they’re doing in letting the charges still go through to the customer’s account?!


Yeah that is very annoying. Some banks do block them. But I think some don’t do it because they would have to then dispute it and might have to go to court etc. Putting it on the customer is much easier for them. That article lists all the banks that do block transactions to go through on cancelled cards.