Pre auth for contactless

Just a thought I went to a local shop today and had a security check on my card normally fine and not a problem. How due to cvd-19 it would be a good idea if before you used your card you could quickly log into the app to say you are just about to use your card to avoid having to touch a keypad the will have been touched many time that day and possibly by someone that has the virus.

Probably won’t happen due to the SCA to confirm you actually are the card holder and have to enter the pin anyway.

Yeah get that but wasn’t the £100 spend before a security check a monzo thing ? Could be wrong on that but can’t remember the last time a got one with my other current account. I think rules need to bend or change in times like these but I get what you’re saying bigger decision than monzo can make maybe

It’s an EU directive

It’s the European Banking Authority (EBA) idea and the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) fault for letting it happen.

Monzo/Starling jumped on the spec to implement asap like some eager puppies.

The spec was 150 euro, Starling set theirs to £135 and Monzo was overzealous and cut it to £100 unnecessarily taking £30 offline payments into account.

Other banks are just getting round to implementing after missing the deadlines a few times.

It’s all a mess. Doesn’t do anything for contactless crime which was basically nil prior to it. Causes a lot of inconvenience and now helps spread things like virus from touching keypads more often.


Absolutely agreed.

It is being presented as a measure to protect consumers, but this isn’t really the case since any contactless fraud properly reported and genuinely impossible for the cardholder to have protected against by acting reasonably was always covered by the bank anyway. Customers were never out of pocket, only banks. This simply saves them from having to eat the losses (which were small anyway due to contactless limits and random checks already in place) at a great cost to customer experience from wasted time retrying transactions.

This is particularly a problem due to lack of Online PIN support in the U.K., meaning the whole transaction has to be conducted again.

Mobile payments are basically the solution, but it’s still annoying because you obviously have to fall back on your card if your phone goes flat (meaning the inevitable impact of SCA again).

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