Contactless £45

The only place I know Google pay doesn’t work over £30 is Tesco. I haven’t carried a wallet or cash or cards since around November now. Every transaction has been Google pay.

The only issue I had was when I tried a new barber and they didn’t have a card machine yet but they were happy for me to come back the next day with the cash as they’d already done the cut!


Fair enough. Will have to start trying it again then, when we’re allowed out!

Do you know if it differs by card? Had some problems using Amex over Google Pay in some shops.

Yeah that’s well Annoying in regards to the barbers…

I always go with the Turkish ones and I constantly forget to go to the cash point. They look at me like I’m an idiot when it comes to payment haha

Can confirm at tesco today i still had to insert my card for a £36 transaction :-1:


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What’s this? Gave it a Google and couldn’t find it on Starlings website

They’re marketing it as a card you can give someone to do your shopping for you - but it’s very much a card linked to a pot.

Three? Crikey, I have 20 on android, including six interest bearing ones. Ordered and/or hidden.

Not swaying me towards an iPhone any time soon.

Two savings pots, and an overdraft prevention pot. Works for me.

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What are your 20 for?

For E-commerce, couldn’t you just tap your card on the back of your phone to pay for stuff online, surely that would bypass the need for all the extra stuff as it’s be card present…

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As this was mentioned earlier, Tesco have now announced they’ll be rolling this out from next week.

Lots of places have problems with Amex (irrespective of Google Pay), due to their high merchant charges!

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Alot of shops only take amex as chip and pin. (ASDA)
Alot of shops even chain ones don’t take amex at all but it’s not well known they dont.
(Home bargains, Greggs, KFC)

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No idea KFC didn’t take it, interesting such a large company doesn’t

It’s why I decided against getting one, the only places that take it that I use are supermarkets, petrol stations and McDonald’s.
Plus Amazon and that.

Is their interchange fee not subject to the 0.3% cap due to them issuing their own cards.

I personally have no issues with using my Amex at places i shop - plus if a place doesn’t accept it i just remember not to shop there.

The benefits i get of using the card, gaining air miles and using those for upgrades and tickets in general are great so definitely worth it for me and a lot of people.

The funny thing is that loads of small shops accept it and its usually the midrange/large company that doesn’t accept it, which is fine because it means i can support more of my local stuff or i just go to a shop that accepts it.


Just something tiny I’ve noticed at work, the VISA limit is <£45, whereas the Mastercard (therefore Monzo) limit is <=£45, oh the joys of having to read EMV Kernel specifications! Found out the annoying way paying for something with my VISA credit card as well…


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