Connecting Monzo to Yolt


I am aware that this is probably a Yolt issue - however they seem less than helpful to resolve it.

I’ve started using Yolt to see all of my different accounts and balances in one place. I have successful connected them all but Monzo.

Each time I go to connect Monzo it passes the authentication stage but on the last step it just states ’ unfortunately, were unable to sync your monzo account at this moment '.

And suggestions?

I’ve emailed Yolt who have hold me to disconnect the two apps and re-try. I’ve done this multiple times with no change.

Thank you!

I’m seeing this as well.

I think it’s the link that is sent to your Monzo account email, clicking that seems to open a Yolt webpage, not the Yolt app itself? Not sure if that’s exactly why it fails but doesn’t seem right?

I would have agreed, however I decided to try Emma and Moneydash board and both have sync’d with Monzo on the first time using the same linking process.

Yolt have replied to me again - and stated to try again…

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