Yolt is closing 😢

I’ve been obsessed with Yolt since I began to use it a couple of years back. So useful and much better than any banks which allow other accounts to connect and give insights on all spending in one place. Monzo, for example, just don’t have the breadth of other cards and banks so it’s not as useful.

Just had a pop-up saying it’s closing.

Are there any other good options out there which people use?

From their website - https://www.yolt.com/

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I tried Yolt some time ago, but didn’t find it as good as Emma.

Emma, on the other hand, annoyed me with their SoCal type messaging (“You spent more last this week than the week before, but we can fix this!” or “Yay!! You’re doing great!!!”), so I just use Monzo Plus, now.


I’ve disabled all the budget-related stuff in Emma and simply use it as an aggregator and bill reminder. I’d use Monzo Plus but they have a poor selection of banks and no manual account ability.


I stopped using Emma for that very reason.

I’ll try Emma - thanks very much

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Just deleted the Yolt account, as I haven’t used it in a while (because Emma :sweat_smile:)

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Monzo Plus has the banks I need, ie the ones I use most often, but there should be a larger number of banks available.

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I wish it had more - I’ve got Premium and it just doesn’t work for me. Fingers crossed the list increases soon…

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Not quite the same thing but I swear by YNAB now.


Now you get “You spent your overall budget this week” each time you spend a bit of money

I find Snoop excellent - but my needs are not huge…


I like Snoop too, but errors like this one has to be sorted ASAP :arrow_down::neutral_face:

Thanks for all the help.

I’ve tried Emma, Snoop, and Money Dashboard for the last while - and I’ll give it a full month to see - but Money Dashboard is my favourite so far.

Good number of free features (Emma requires a paid subscription to get the good stuff) and more flexible categories than Snoop. However, the overview of spending isn’t as good.

For me Yolt will be sorely missed.

Hopefully Monzo will get all the additional accounts soon….

Thanks again all :raised_hands:


Can you connect UK bank accounts to YNAB now or do you just manually import transactions into the app?

You can’t natively, there’s syncforynab.com as a service for automation.


An update was posted on this thread 10 days ago indicating that UK direct import is entering staff Beta testing shortly (followed by external beta testing). Pleased to hear this is FINALLY being implemented after asking for years.

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That’s great but to be honest direct input is the way to go with YNAB. Having transactions appear on their own might make me lazy.

Currently I am trying Emma, Nova and Cleo - all free versions.

Emma is the one I’ve been using for a while but I don’t like the UI. Whenever I move money around my accounts (ex: Monzo main to a saving pot), that money gets counted as another income so I always have to exclude it.

Nova - so far I like this one. It took me a while to get used to the calendar month cycle though because I’m more used to budgeting from when I get my salary. I really like the track budget feature! It also has Goal planning, but I’m not sure how the investment goals work because it doesn’t reflect that goal progress. Other small issues but so far I love it.

Cleo… I feel too old for this app :joy:. My biggest problem with this is that I didn’t get any notification that I was already subscribing to the paid plan! Like literally I just got an email notif about the direct debit subscription so I just immediately had to cancel that and now I feel cautious using it.

YNAB I haven’t tried because of no direct input, but I’ve been watching their tutorial content on youtube and while it looks very useful, I don’t feel it’s for me. I’m just not that meticulous with budgeting.


I only have normal pots (well, just a bills pot) and it automatically excludes transactions between main and bills pot. I don’t have a savings pot but I do have other savings accounts and Emma appears to have learned that transactions back and forth should be excluded. I don’t have to manually edit them.