Connected Accounts: What next? (Summer 2022 edition)

RBS and Natwest only show current accounts; all savers are excluded from open banking


I wish I could view my Nationwide savings accounts in Monzo but sadly they (Nationwide) don’t support it.


It would be a game changer seeing all my savings through OB in the Monzo app. It feels like OB has stalled a bit. It would be great if banks were forced to opt in all products.


Any news on budgeting connected accounts? Just added my Amex… would be great if spending on that came off my main account budget.


This would make trends next level

In fact so would budgeting of any kind within that section…


Are there any plans to add Virgin Money Credit Cards to the connected accounts, as well as Chase Bank at all?

Would be really handy to see these so I then have a complete overview of all my finances, even more so with Tymit and PayPal Credit (although I imagine the latter is probably unlikely :pensive:)


By my calculations, Virgin is the only low hanging fruit left (aside from moving those in Labs to live).

Chase doesn’t currently have an API but rumour has it they’ll have one in a few months time. It’d be good to have Monzo early out of the gates for that.

Those aside, I suspect we’re into diminishing returns. Starling Goals/spaces/pots/things would be good. And loans (from credit reports like mortgages). But my heart and head are both screaming manual accounts please!


Genuinely curious with this one. Like connect accounts in and manually update the balance and transactions?

That seems difficult on a small device. I think if Monzo were ever to do a tablet/web/iPad version then definitely this!

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Shouldn’t be difficult on a small device.

A few options:

  • Just the balance (enter an account name and value, super easy on mobile).
  • Manual transactions (would love this - I’d be all over my back data - but might be more difficult on a small screen. How about inverse Google Sheets - you put your data in the sheet and Monzo sucks it in?)
  • Automatic balance updates (so the balance of your manual account automatically updates if you send money to it from Monzo / receive money from it).

And just while I’m on it, what do manual accounts get you?

  • All your missing accounts in Monzo - not everything will ever be able to be connected through open banking.
  • Releases the potential to have net worth and sophisticated features in Trends.
  • (With transaction level data) the ability to upload back data so that you can compare years pre-Monzo and those post Monzo.

Basically it’s the key to so so much!


With the Starling Connected Accounts, I wish I could connect my Personal account and Business (sole trader) account at once.