Connected Accounts: What next? (Summer 2022 edition)

Anybody else having problems connecting Amazon & Pulse NewDay cards? Keeps redirecting to Safari rather than the respective apps and then coming up with this error:

RBS was just prompted to reauth but now there is no ability to allow access to my RBS credit card.

Same here (NatWest) but pleased to say if you do it again it’s now available.

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Had the same glitch with NatWest last night. But as Paul said, it’s been solved already.

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Awesome to have visibility of all my accounts and credit cards in 1 place! well just need Virgin Money! then I’ve collected them all on there.

anything in the pipework for adding VM?


I’ve added my Tesco Clubcard credit card, which is currently in Labs, and I’m seeing the same transaction both pending and cleared - so two entries per transaction.

This doesn’t happen with other apps like Emma.

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Looks like Chase open banking will be a thing in a matter of months:

I’m hoping that Monzo prioritises this. I think together with Virgin that’s all the main players done.

Flash poll:

Imagine that Chase and Virgin are available in Monzo. Would you still need more?

  • Hell yeah - more automatic connections
  • Just manual accounts plsthx
  • No, that’s me satisfied

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Is anyone having issues refreshing there Aqua connected accounts ?

It wont let me removed it to try reconnecting it. It last refreshed 3 days ago.

Maybe @tjvr could help ?


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I’m having the same problem

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I believe we’re currently having some issues with NewDay. We’re working to resolve them. Sorry about that :pray:


Thanks for the update :+1:t2:

Are we ever going to get the ability to add transactions from a connected account to a tab or bill split? @tjvr


Anyone having issues with Halifax credit cards not updating? Mine last updated 2 days ago. I have 2 other connected accounts and they’ve been refreshing regularly as normal.

I haven’t done the obvious thing of tapping the manual refresh button yet, as just wanted to let it play out first to see if it would resolve itself.


I see the same - last updated 2 days ago

Manual refresh fetched newer transactions as you would expect.

No idea why it was not updated automatically. :man_shrugging:t5:

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I just noticed that my starling feed has screwed up… The balance is zero and the most recent transaction is from march 2020… and refreshing does not fix it :sob:


It has now refreshed a few minutes ago - I’m pretty sure I didn’t accidentally press the refresh button, so maybe that’s it fixed now :crossed_fingers:

In this case Monzo was no longer connected to my joint Starling account, although the connection to my personal Starling account was still in place. Reconnecting from Monzo has re-established the connection and everything now looks okay.


Sometimes banks make changes to their own Open Banking APIs, which can break existing connections even if they have plenty of time left on the 90 day authorisation.

The only way to fix this, in my experience, is to manually refresh the connection by re-authorising which then both resets the 90 day clock and moves the connection over to work with the latest API.

These breaking changes are quite rare now, thankfully, as most banks have more stable APIs than back when Open Banking first started, but they can still happen. You can also get glitches in the system (presumably during maintenance work or upgrades at the other bank) where connections don’t refresh for a day or two.

As all of this is generally caused at the other end of the connection, it can happen to any aggregator and there is no real way to avoid it.


Halifax savings accounts show in Monzo. Yay! :white_check_mark:

But Halifax seems to have excluded Regular Saver accounts. Badifax. :x:

Really keen for savings accounts to be mandated to show in open banking!


The RBS Digital Regular Saver is excluded from Open Banking, too.

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