Connected accounts overdraft notification

A connected current account went overdrawn this morning.

Monzo refresh it. Also Monzo knows that it went into unauthorized overdraft, as it knowns the account limit.

I hoped Monzo would push a feed item & notification that a connected account went overdrawn. But it didn’t.

Please notify when connected accounts go overdrawn beyond their limits.

I am not sure Monzo are going to monitor your connected accounts for you as well as their own.

That is really your job.

Would be nice though, I admit.

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This would be quite nice. I stopped using my HSBC account ages ago but still have it open. Quite a few years ago I suspended my AA Membership then simply put it out mind. Apparently that suspension ended recently and I was billed the annual membership fee. It wasn’t until HSBC sent me a text warning that I needed to bring the account back out of overdraft otherwise I’d be charged that I realised something was up.

A notification would be a nice addition whenever the team get around to revamping connected accounts.