Monzo USA's API different than Monzo UK API

Hi guys, since there’s still no Plaid support for Monzo US (any update on that btw?) I was hoping to use the IFTTT Monzo service to push transactions into the YNAB budget app. There are detailed instructions on the YNAB forum, but unfortunately they don’t seem to work. I inquired on the YNAB forum and they said it appeared the US version of Monzo uses a different API. Is there any update on when Monzo US would work with IFTTT?

I’ve not seen any updates on either of those things.

In regards to IFTTT, there were big plans for UK accounts to do a lot more stuff with it. However since IFTTT implemented a new pricing structure and all of this has gone quiet and I imagine these plans have been shelved.

My personal opinion is that IFTTT is now pretty much useless unless you pay for it because you can only have 3 applets on the free tier.

I guess it will be easier for you to advocate for Google Sheets integration (which we have on Monzo Premium) then you can feed whatever transaction data you like into whatever system you like.

If that’s a Premium feature in the UK, and it’s already been said in the last virtual community event that paid accounts aren’t really on the table for the US in the near to mid future, I wonder if might be some reluctance to just offer it for free to us in the US out of concern that it’d cause some resentment with the UK user base.

Somehow the IFTTT integration started working out of the blue yesterday! I hadn’t touched it in a month or so. They must have fixed something.

Hi all :wave:

Thanks for being patient on US IFTTT integration.
The APIs for UK and US are the same, but we recently fixed full IFTTT integration with US accounts back in mid-July.

I was excited to get the Google Sheets applet working for the US :partying_face: