Confused deeply

I’m so confused to how this bank account work x

Hey Steph - welcome to the community!

Sorry to hear you’re confused. What exactly are you confused about - we can probably help! Let us know :grinning:


Sorry for the long reply i was and still confused to how monzo works please help im with card one bankingvpay the monthly fee never have any any rewards…
When will I no when my account is open

Just looked up card one banking, those fees :scream:

Accounts are open instantly and you get your card within 2 or 3 days. Have you downloaded the app and gone through sign up and ID checks? If you’ve done this and you didn’t get a card or it’s stuck at some stage of the process then email I’d do it as soon as you can because those fees you’re paying should be criminal

Monzo is a current account run from your phone instead of branches. Unlike Card One the only fee is if your have an overdraft or get over £200 from a foreign cash machine. You get a sort code and account number to set up direct debits for your bills as well.


Wow - I’ve never heard of them before. “No account opening fees”! I dont think ive ever been charged to open a bank account, especially a pre-pay one :rofl:


They are shocking. Although;

If there are insufficient funds in your Billing Account to cover a direct debit we will notify you by text on the day the direct debit is due to be paid. We will keep trying to pay the direct debit up until 5pm so you will have until that time to deposit cleared funds into your Billing Account for the direct debit to be processed.

Some banks just try them once, I’ve heard.

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If you do decide to switch to Monzo or any other bank, make sure you move your money before letting them know you want to close.

Looks like they charge you a £10 fee to close and get your money sent to a new account, so be one step ahead of them and move it first :slight_smile:

You can also close your cardonebanking Account at any time after that by writing to us, via e-mail, or by
phone. Please find our contact detailsin Section 14. We will charge you a £10.00 Redemption fee and
return all remaining money less outstanding transactions and charges. We will arrange an electronic
transfer to a nominated bank account.

** Not saying don’t pay owed fees, or Redemption fee, just saying let them present you with the remaining “charges” and you can make sure they match up first!

Yippee…but the £12.50 a month for seemingly nothing? Well that’s another matter…:astonished:


Yes - and check out the post above too - you have to pay to close it!

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OK, you’ve convinced me - where do I sign?:grinning:

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more alarmingly

**This product is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

£1.50 ATM fee as well

Hope you get setup with Monzo soon Steph and close that other card(?) after :+1:

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They aren’t a bank just an authorised payment institution so they aren’t allowed to do anything with your money other than store it in their bank account which will be FSCS protected.

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Yeah… should have read the FAQ (haven’t had coffee yet…)

Is my money protected by the FSCS?
No, as we are not a Bank, your money is not protected by the FSCS. Instead your money is held with our bankers. This means that if something happens to cardonebanking, your money is already separate. Any money on your card is held by Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd.

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These style bank accounts really need to stopped from being able to advertise on places like credit check sites as recommendations.

They often display these as a featured recommended to get access to a “bank account” which is almost mis-advising people, as there is pretty much always a free current account with a bank open to everyone, offering the same services. I do think it’s really bad they can trying to “sell” services to people trying to better their credit past into paying a fee for available free services…

Here is a few examples of some of the ones they try to recommend- Not a single recommendation of a completely free basic bank account):



Sorry might of gone a bit off topic there, just a big frustration of mine.


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