Complaint stolen card

We have a team called the Help Squad working on exactly this. There is a series of screens rolling out now where you start by reporting a payment in the app as fraud and it takes you through the exact same process that anyone from customer support would (block card, identify what happened and how many transactions are affected, replace card, refund).

(This is why everyone should report fraud within the app if it occurs, rather than try to go directly to the phone or chat. In the vast majority of cases you will get your money back significantly quicker following the app!)


Can I ask if the Help Squad are looking at making the ‘Something wrong’ button more visible as well as looking at the flow that happens after it is pressed? (see my reply above with screenshot for the context for this question)


It’s a careful balance, I think personally it could do with being easier to find but on the other side, you don’t need to dispute every single payment.

If you are using Monzo as your main account, you might only need to dispute one in over 2,000 transactions (not the real statistic!) but that one time you need it, you really need to find it and probably very quickly.

There are actually multiple entry points to this flow. The other is by going to the help tab, type “report fraud” into the search box, and follow the article. (Disclaimer: Not everybody is enabled for the new flow yet, you’ll be directed to chat same as you always have been if you aren’t.)


not sure this A and B testing is very helpful for customers to be quite honest , I appreciate its not for us, its for Monzo however if we on the forum try and help out and the OP doesn’t have the same feed as us its like trying to paint by numbers with numbers missing, which then , upsets people that aren’t on the A or B test and maybe even increases in app chat queries

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Although judging by recent events it probably is, In this case it might not be an A/B test, it could possibly just be a phased rollout, it’s quite common among other larger organisations apps.

This is not an A/B test, we’re just rolling it out slowly because this is a large change.

We are moving from chat to self-serve for the majority of cases (some will always require you to talk to a human because the case is too complex for a form), not testing the two at once.

At the scale Monzo is now, if we turned anything on to 100% of users at once and it caused errors, we would risk causing large scale impact and support overload. As a result, we tend to start with a small launch and increase the rollout as we’re comfortable that it is working as expected. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is worth noting that the questions you’ll be asked are the same questions customer service will ask. You’ll just be able to answer them and get on with your day while your answers go directly to the Disputes Operations team instead of waiting for your chat to be answered and escalated to them.


Your an ‘expert’ user?
As in you have great knowledge of the app and able to use possibly with your eyes closed.
The OP might not have come across this issue before?
The Monzo app suggests you can get answers from this forum.
A lot of forum users know how to do it. I suspect a lot of Monzo users who aren’t aware of this forum may not be aware.

Monzo has been seen as a positive in the above but because it wasn’t a positive encounter for the customer it becomes negative.

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So a question?
If your card has been stolen and you therefore don’t have it how helpful is the above :man_shrugging:

Dan has noticed and explained further up that it’s a pre-coffee slipup

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How much money have you lost?

And that helps? :thinking:

To give the OP some credit, I think these two comments demonstrate a small oversight in the information available to customers… The number is on the card, which got stolen/lost.. I’ve had a quick scout around the app, whilst lounging around at home (in a none flustered state of mind) and I can’t find the number (which might be what someone in a panic would be looking for). Being an app-based bank, putting a number front-and-center in the app would potentially increase inbound calls but when looking at my high-street banking apps, I can find the ‘call us’ button pretty quickly.

Given that the types of customers now being attracted to Monzo are more diverse in terms of their tech-savvy nature, do these types of individual think to use (/have the knowledge of) the built-in tools + chat where they need support in an emergency, or do they resort to their ‘tried and tested’ high-street banking method of trying to phone and speak to someone?


That’s a good point. I’m tech savvy and I always resort to Google with any questions, so that would probably be my first port of call if I lost my card and didn’t know any different.

It does make me wonder though… how the OP found or heard about the forum to post their question on here and missed everything else :thinking:


Exactly, knew how to sign up to an online forum but not freeze their card in app. :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:


" The Monzo app suggests you can get answers from this forum."

The OP didn’t come on to get answers though, they came on to state how disgusted they were and how horrified with the level of service, they didn’t ask one question about what they should do, or ask for any help.

They posted once with their complaint, stating it was an emergency but then didnt engage at all, not once after the OP.


How do you know this?

It’s a forum and thus people can come on like the OP. They may have read the first two responses and acted.
We don’t know what we don’t know.

Knowing isn’t possible, I grant. But zero engagement isn’t a good sign. Typically users looking for help will say least say “Thank you”, or ‘like’ the helpful response.

In this case, OP hasn’t posted anything since their initial post, and indications are they haven’t even looked to see anything. Would appear to be very much a ‘fire and forget’ post. I try to apply the Wikipedia maxim of “assume good faith” to everything, and in the context of a forum, this means at least acknowledging replies even if not engaging. So while I would like to give OP the benefit of the doubt, they’ve not yet cleared the bar.

At this point, I don’t think there’s any further useful discussion to be had. Only guesses and speculation lie out there. I’m not going to reply further here, and for the most part probably nor should anyone unless they’re the OP


That would be quite a good Discourse function: Close the thread to everyone except the OP, giving them the right to reply whilst closing down needless speculation from all of us.


Could we see the police report when it’s concluded. Redact any personal details of course.

It’ll be all personal details. There won’t be any ‘investigation’. OP might be given a crime number, but the offence is against the bank, because the card belongs to the bank, not the card holder.