Commute - how far is too far

I was wary of this too but stil outweighs the cost of the train and is much faster too

My current commute is about 40 mins door to door. Before we moved, I had a 40 min train journey, then a walk from the station at each end. I think probably an hour is my limit.

My current commute is 20mins each way on a motorcycle. I’d struggle to justify more than 30mins in the winter months in terms of comfort and safety. Not a fan of the morning rush hour

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Mine used to be about an hour each way. There’s not many ways to get into Norwich if you live at the top of Dereham Road, even using Waze to get rerouted if necessary. My podcast listening made the journey not so bad. That’s rush hour travelling for you!

My commute is 45mins… in Edinburgh.

Moving out soon to which my commute should be 12min train ride and 10min walk…


I think you end up just getting used to whatever it takes (and accept the trade offs).

I used to commute over an hour, but now I have 15 steps to walk down and a dog to feed before I start work at home.

The thought of having to do a 5 minute commute now fills me with dread!


Yeah I’m glad I don’t go past Edinburgh park! Edinburgh is torture for cars!

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London to the City.

I’d like it to be shorter, but I’m all about the work at the min.
I’m on the train early and leave pretty late.
Plenty of podcasts or video tutorials on the train.
Thankfully I like trains.

I only have about a 1 mile commute each way to get to work, 2-5 minutes tops. It is definitely nice but you really have no excuse to be late. I can’t blame the trains.

My current commute is around 30 minutes each way. Think 1 hour would be the cut off.

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It’s agony to go back to commuting after home

I commute about 20 minutes on train and then 10 minutes on bus every day.

About 3 seconds at the moment because I’ve been working from my room. If I bother to go to the dining room maybe 30 seconds …

Most I did was 50 mins and that started grating.

About 25-30 was alright.


My commute is about 17 miles. However that can take anywhere between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours depending on the traffic! :sweat_smile:


Talk about a subjective question!

I’ve worked locally for over ten years now and with young kids I just wouldn’t consider a job that involved a hefty commute as I want to be home in time to put the kids to bed and help the Mrs.

When we went through a merger at my last place the commute went from 20 mins to 90 and although I did it for a while because of the money I eventually found something more local again.

I took a big hit on pay but then everything in life is a choice (and a trade off).

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I don’t even use the car, just take the bus to travel 3ish miles.

But then Edinburgh has a pretty decent bus system… crappy road system causes problems.


I walk 40 mins to the train station. Take a 45 mins train and then walk another 8mins to the office. So it’s pretty long but I just view it as some good exercise and podcast/reading time.

Up to 3 months ago, my commute was 45 minutes out and about 1 hour back home again, but fluctuated wildly with the traffic, whether schools were in, etc. If the M6 was closed or had an accident, then it could reach 1.5-2hr each way.

My commute is now a 15 minute walk (or 20 if I’m tired :zzz:).

The longest part of my commute is usually getting out of Edinburgh between the airport and the M8 :rofl:

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Ah! Commuting! I remember it well, and quite fondly.

My longest was about 30-45 minutes East to West London. I could spend some time alone, experimenting with different routes, listening to the wireless, and making sure the horse was well fed and watered.

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