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Anyone knows how is it shown that the proposals or suggestions made in the community are heard and integrated in Monzo´s bank?

Thank u!


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Yes! Lots have been…

I’d love to hear from the Monzo team about any ideas that were suggested here first, before the team had thought of them…:slight_smile:


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Hey Cristina! We receive community feedback through so many different channels and integrate community feedback in quite a few different ways too.

User testing has played a big part in developing existing features (especially in their early days) and also in identifying problems which require a solution from us :slightly_smiling_face: They’re normally held at the office every other Thursday and you can sign up via a link which is normally posted on Twitter a few days before hand.

A lot of similar feedback has come from here, on the forum. The design team often post sneak peeks of work in progress. The suggestions and feedback on these play an big part in our considerations as I’m sure our Head of Design @hugo can attest to! Targets was launched around 5 months after the first sneak peek was posted here and the later iterations reflect some of the suggestions raised in the thread.

At times we have a problem we need the community to help us solve, the biggest example of this being our name change last year.

In December we held our first community workshop focusing on the forum and how we could show it some more love. We came away with lots of valuable pointers and a clearer plan of action. One of the bigger requests which had been echoed in some of the threads here, was the need for more easy to find documentation on exactly what Monzo is and how it works. Zainab has reviewed our Help page and made some great progress in updating this into a more comprehensive list of important things to know. We’ll be running these workshops bi-monthly, each with a different focus. We’ll also be making more effort to share the learnings from these sessions more widely for additional input, before we turn them into some positive actions. The next workshop discussion will be based around ideas for new Offline Experiences and ways to make existing ones even better. You can register your interest here

It’s a big part of my job to make sure that we’re turning your thoughts and feedback into something constructive and beneficial for all our users. I’m always interested to know how best to show that we’re listening :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hi Naji,
Thank you for your reply!
However, another questions related to this topic is…

  • How do you choose the topic of the community workshop?
  • How will you translate the learnings of these sessions into actions?

Thank you again.


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Just confirming that having been around the community for just over a year, feedback definitely gets folded back in to the product and the running of this community.

While there isn’t always a publicly visible clear line between one suggestion and one feature, I have seen conversations here, on the API developer Slack and support channels feed in to internal discussions that eventually influence the design or prioritisation of features. Being able to see your PIN in the app on iOS and the magstripe ATM switch on Android being two that I’ve heard were bumped forwards based on user feedback.

Just today, @daniel increased the amount of time a magic link is valid for in response to discussion over longer email delivery times with some providers.


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No problem!

The first workshop was in December, so we’re still figuring things out :slightly_smiling_face: There’s no hard and fast rule as to how we choose the topic. Discussion on the forum and in person at our Open Offices often throw up some interesting ideas of things we could do better. Maybe there should be a place for community members to directly suggest ideas for Workshop topics? What do you think?

How we translate this feedback is very dependent on the area of focus.Suggestions stemming from a discussion about the forum or offline events for example, are fairly easy to put into action without much forward planning. In this case we discuss with the wider team and then knuckle down to make things happen! I think one thing we need to make more of a point of is sharing the ‘minutes’ of each workshop so we can gather additional feedback from the wider community before we get started. Where product is concerned, these decisions are more complex in terms of other considerations and priorities, and in these instances I would echo Richards comment

[quote=“RichardR, post:5,
there isn’t always a publicly visible clear line between one suggestion and one feature

It’s more of an ongoing process of absorbing and learning from these suggestions to find relevant and effective solutions to the issues in question!


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