Subforum for community UX/UI Mockups

Are Monzo able to provide the community with a Monzo App UI Kit so we can throw together quick mockups of interface ideas?

And then create a new subforum for these too.

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Seconded! It would be great for us to more easily visualise what we want from Monzo and a home for these suggestions would be welcomed.

The Sketch design library is available on GitHub here!

A forum would be pretty cool though

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Well, Nathaniel, I had a feeling the bright sparks at Monzo already had us covered!

I’m going to amend the post title to reflect the desire for a subforum.

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They’re good aren’t they! Didn’t know about it til yesterday myself, when I accidentally found it on GitHub when I was looking to mock stuff up.

Top of their game! So good to see startup culture at play in banking, refreshing :stuck_out_tongue:

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