Community Roundup - 11/5/18

(Richard Cook) #1

Hey everyone :wave:

So much happens here on the Community, and we don’t want you to miss a thing :heart_eyes:

That’s why we bring you a roundup of the best content from across the forum. So here’s the good stuff you need to check out:

  • @GeorgieParmenter, Executive Assistant to the Founders at Monzo, did the Community Q&A this week! :speaking_head:
  • We’ve got new Android and iPhone releases for your feedback! :mega:
  • We made quite a few updates to our roadmap. For a summary, head to the update thread - here’s a good place to start!
  • We’ve got some very exciting events coming up. Check 'em all out here.

And just because it’s very cool…

Our very own @tristan was on BBC News to talk about the generational divide, and recent suggestions from the Resolution Foundation.


See you next week!

(Craig Davison) #2

Woah congrats on the fame @tristan!