Community Caretaker 👋

It’s definitely unregulated. The general tone of the forum is ‘rude’.

Really sorry if folk feel that things aren’t great right now. I don’t want to create work for anyone, but if anyone has concerns could I ask you to DM Alan with specifics so they can be sorted out?

Unfortunately the Coral Crew is a little light on active members at the moment - but if there’s any general maintenance that needs doing do let me know and I’ll try my best. But issues with specific forum members, overall tone etc can (rightly) only be looked at by staff, though.



Tough times.

Out of interest (at least to me), was there not a time when CC members had moderating powers? :thinking:

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I think that from a technical standpoint they have been able to moderate, but from an operational standpoint they have never mediated complaints/disputes between forum members. There have been cases where they’ve temporarily closed threads that were getting out of control after hours when no staff were around to deal with them (and staff later made the final decision on what to do).

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Hey Glen.

It’s definitely a big task to get on top of a fully thriving community and trying and help when needed. I’ve have been off sick recently mixed with having annual leave. (Recommend making sure that a work/life balance is kept.)

Have no fear - I am back. I’m sorry you feel the general theme has been a rude one that you’ve experienced. Like Peter has mentioned, feel free to DM at any point if you experience anything like this.


What @jzw95 said!

Technically we can open, close and merge topics and do some admin things - but we can’t see any user details, suspend users etc. Which is, in my view, the right balance.

If something is clearly not right then we can remove posts (technically this is just moving them to a hidden section of the forum) - you’ll see us do that from time to time.


Hope you are on the mend! @AlanDoe!

And whilst the tone may be ‘read’ as rude, it’s worth bearing in mind that text conversations are always hard. I get hit a fair bit for my comments, and 9 times out of 10 it’s because of the way I’ve phrased something. Ok ok, 8 out of 10, whatever…

Best advice I was ever given was to learn to read something without attaching any perceived emotion to it. It’s not easy but makes a difference.

Like the community guidelines state :wink:

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I KNOW! God, you are so rude!! :wink:


Thanks for the warm welcome back!

I’m clear from the chest infection which is great and can get back to doing my job on here.

Tone can be tough and when anything is brought to my attention on here I try and weigh in the on-going discussion and hope that no offence is intended because we’re all adults here :wink:

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WHAT! I’m not an adult, HOW DARE YOU!! (see, this is the stuff people flag me for!! It’s just an example!) :wink:

Had a bad chest infection a few years ago, so I can sympathise, they suck

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Hi @AlanDoe

Hope youre feeling better.

Saying as we all seem to have more personal time on our hands these days i thought I’d turn your question around if thats not too cruel.

What would you like to see from the community? How do you feel the other parts of the business should interact with the community?

An update id personally like to hear is what % of staff are working on BAU, what % of staff are working on Plus, US expansion, Business.

Don’t think anyones ever shared details like that before.


Hey Nathan :wave:

I’m definitely back to what could be classed as fighting fit :muscle:

I will take your question spin on for sure.

What I’d like to see from the Community is constructive discussion which help new users on what makes Monzo the bank that they’ve chosen to use either fully or partly. Regarding other parts of the business becoming more active in the business that’s something I really want to push. Given the current climate we’re wanting to make sure that Monzo is supporting our customers and providing a bank that really works for everyone.

I want to make sure that the Community can be for taking about Fintech and broader topics as long as they fall within the realms of our Code of Conduct.

I’d love for parts of the business who we don’t see often on the Community getting a bit more of a spotlight. That involves asking the Community who they want to hear from as well as providing a platform for Monzo to show what is getting done behind the scenes and what ridiculously talented Monzonauts we have.

I love that suggestions regarding the breakdown of what we’re working on. I can’t guarantee that I will have the exact per Monzonaut breakdown but I can definitely ask the question and I will :ok_hand:


Excellent, Personally think if we had a better idea of breakdown it would help to give the community to higher/lower their expectations as such.

Again a great idea and something that the communitys been crying out for… engagement. Lets hope you can get something sorted

A lot of what you’ve said is similar to what @simonb wrote a while ago along with his struggles to convince the higher ups.

Are you both a team now working to achieve this goal and does your role give you more influence when trying to convince the bosses that this is the way forward?


Yeah id like to know was this a role you proposed or one that was pushed on as a need by management?