Committed spending is wrong when there are multiple direct debits to the same institution


I have three direct debits to Nutmeg at £100 each. They’ve been in place for three months. Under the new month’s summary only one of them is counted instead of three, so the committed spending is £200 short. Perhaps it’s falling foul of some sort of duplicate detection? But these are all valid.

Details to reproduce:

Open monthly budget page before the DDs have gone out.




OnePlus 5

App Version:


You say you have 3 direct debits, does it actually show in app as 3 separate DD instructions though.

I had the same with a different organisation, whilst they might be taking 4 payments for different services they take it through one DD instruction. The way round it for me, was making a pot solely for these payments then putting the correct amount in to be taken.

Edit answered part of my own question, my eyes skipped the bit about one instruction :sweat_smile:

I think you’re right.

Same organisation, same reference, three separate pending transactions. Setup independently at the Nutmeg side theoretically as three separate instructions. Monzo’s grouping them into one but then not summing the totals.

Yeah it’s one function that it can’t really track, it just sees the originator of the request asking for an amount 3 times. In my case it would remember whatever the last payment going out was.

Monzo don’t know it’s 3 different requests so it goes off whatever the last payment was.

It’s similar with PayPal if you request payments through DD instead of card, the forecasting becomes useless as it can only work off that last payment.

My ISA provider takes 3 payments every month, one per sub-investment type.

Every month summary is out as it only counts one. As one of the 3 is for a different amount it also sends me a notification that my DD is more than last time.

There must be some way to differentiate though as they show up with different reference numbers in the “notes and tags” field. This means summary could cope as it has a way to see the three individual payments.

I suspect that “could” is the key word there. It’s certainly possible to do but it’s very much an edge case so I don’t know what sort of priority it would get in the queue of things to do.

I’d be interested to know if other banks have any features that would even notice this.

For me, this is firmly in the ‘feature request’ list rather than ‘bugs’.

I understand it would be a low priority edge case but it’s certainly not a feature request - it’s displaying the wrong value which makes it a bug.

Yes. Most people take that view of word the word “bug”. It’s just not one I agree with but I tend to detail threads on this particular topic so I’d better stop 🤦

can’t you just manually add the extra 200 to your committed spending to solve that issue

How? Can’t see an option or anything in the in app help detailing it.

Just add it to your bills pot

I have 2 direct debits each month to Zen so I just add the extra

click on summary top right a small pie chart then click on budget and you can edit your committed spending there

How? Committed spending isn’t edited there, just discretionary spending

Would changing the payment frequency help solve it in scheduled payments?

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