Collecting Coins & Money

Any other Monzonauts collecting any cool/commemorative coins & money?
I’ve always collected the commemorative 50p coins but since I’ve started working in a shop I’ve come across loads other cool coins.

Here’s one from today, a £5 Note from Jersey:

Also found some of the ‘A-Z of Great Britain’ 10p coins:

And here’s some random ones I had lying around:

Have a box full of them if anyone wants to see more.

Where I used to work I managed to collect 2 sets of the Olympic ones in 2012.

Also you get lots of foreign currency being mistaken for UK coins, most exotic I’ve got was from Turkmenistan

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My Mrs loves collecting money in general. Lol.

Not the best shots, but these are some of her of collection.


Oh, very nice. I never started collecting the £2 coins, it’s too expensive for me :laughing:
I haven’t seen some of those before though.

Yeah, I’ve come across some Greek coin that people keep mistaking for a 50p.
Also got some coins from the UAE, Poland and Indian.

Now that you mention it I saw one from Saudi Arabia,