CoinJar Lock Access

Coin Jar is a great feature but it suffers from the same problem as my real life Coin Jar… I dip into it to go to pub.

It would be good if you could lock access to it for a fixed period of time like traditional banks do with certain savings accounts.

So for example Lock for x months at the end of x months notification you have saved in your coin Jar £x.xx would you like access ? Or keep saving and re-Lock

This would help the less disciplined like me not dip into it all the time

Also a CoinJar summary would be good Monthly/Annualy “Your CoinJar has accrued £x.xx in August / 20xx”

The general concept of locked pots are something we prototyped internally. It’s just waiting for a team to pick it up and finish building it ready for release. :+1:


I’ve just noticed in the images that the pot is to the right of the card :face_with_monocle:

I’d love for the pot to be unlockable before the deadline but I assume that won’t be the case? It would therefore mean that I’d be weak willed and will just dip into it regardless :lying_face:

Threes screenshots are from IOS.

Also they are work in progress so a lot could change.

Ahhh on IOS are the pots listed horizontally? I’m on Android and they’re vertical listed underneath eachother.

They sure are. There’s a few little design differences between the apps. Mostly to fit the operating systems general design guidelines I guess.

That looks loads better. Poor Android always getting left out :cry: :broken_heart:

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