Coin Jar Notification Merge

Hi all,
Question regarding the upcoming Coin Jar transaction merge, do we know if this will apply to transactions before the feature goes live?

Also do we have a rough guideline ETA on this feature?


Great question Johnny!

I’ve asked the team working on this to clarify :grinning:

Not sure on an ETA but it’s something we’re working on right now.

The idea is that the Coin Jar transaction will live “inside” the original transaction. So we’re essentially building out the concept of “parent” and “child” transactions in our system. This framework could also theoretically be used for different types of pots where one transaction triggers a related smaller one to some degree.


Thanks for that @simonb! Looking forward to seeing some info on this :smiley:

Really curious on the Infrastructure required for this kind of system but that’s another conversation for another day.


I hope this includes the possibility of bundling multiple transactions from the same merchant (in sequence) together too :grin: and clearing up some of the spam from pots when shuffling money about and playing around with IFTTT :yum:

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Hi! sorry silly question.
Can I unhide the coin jar notification? I can’t seem to find the option to unhide.



Sorry, but I’m not really sure what you’re asking since there’s no facility to hide or unhide notifications with Monzo at the moment that I’m aware of.

Some things can be dismissed from the feed but once those are gone then you can’t get them back again.

Hi Feathers,
Thanks for your reply. Prior to this update, if I were to do a purchase of £1.80, I get another ‘line/notification’ to say 20p has gone into the Coin Jar. But now I get one line of notification saying £2.00.
So, is there an option for me to get the 2 notifications again?


Ah, OK.

That’s correct, they’ve updated the way the coin jar stuff is presented now as you see. It’s not been universally popular but this is the way things are for the moment at least.

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