Cocoon (new social app for close groups)

Looks cool! I just set one up and invited a few family
members. Sadly iOS only at the moment - hope that changes soon.

Looks like they’re picking up where Path left off.


Or just use Slack :eyes:


Serendipitous Chat

When you’re inside Cocoon at the same time as someone else, a new layer of live interaction opens up. Just like being together in the same room, you can wave at each other and chitchat in real time, and your conversation disappears once everyone leaves.

Oh my god, they’ve invented IRC.


So it’s not a 1985 movie about Floridian pensioners then?


Compuserve with a 14.4K baud modem springs to mind.

Fair play to a nicely presented website though - it’s like Facebook without the book or the face.

I’m not too sure about the conversation clustering, the demo of it on their site looks a little cluttered and confusing imo.