Clubhouse App

So basically everyone seems to be talking about this app at the moment!

For those not in the know, Clubhouse is a new app where users can create ‘clubs’ and join in on audio conversations. Users have the choice of listening in live, or even participating in the conversation.

It’s recently attracted people like Elon Musk (who has invited Vladimir Putin to have a chat with him on it) and Mark Zuckerberg (who predictably is planning on yoinking the idea for Facebook…) Twitter is also looking at a similar idea.

Has anyone had a chance to check it out? I’m still waiting on an invite so can’t use it at the moment (if anyone has one please DM me!), but looks like it could be the new approach to podcasting. Or maybe it’s all just excitement because we’re at home with nothing else to do.

What do you guys think?

By what Zuckersuck is saying Facebook isn’t going to last long when the new Apple privacy update happens, but I guess we’ll see

Isn’t this the thing that’s iOS only?

Ah, yes looks like it is just iOS at the moment. But apparently they’re looking to expand at some point: What is Clubhouse, the invite-only app that celebrities and entrepreneurs are talking about? - Vox

People have to receive an invitation from an existing user to unlock access to the platform, which is only available for download through the iOS App Store. (Clubhouse’s founders say they are working to scale the app for a general audience, including Android users, but their expansion timeline remains uncertain.)

Sounds like a typical :soon: for Android users for now then :sweat_smile:

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Every single time it’s mentioned I start singing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme tune

Make it stop :sob:


Quality sooner Facebook dies the better (not that it will) I hope it become the new MySpace :joy::joy::joy:


I’ve had clubhouse for around 2 weeks. Personally it’s not for me but if you’re a business person or investor it’s great

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Can’t say I’ve tried Clubhouse yet - still waiting for an invite but it seems like a pretty good idea.

I probably could get you invited. The whole concept is amazing and it’ll soon rise however it’s just not for me - I think mostly as it’s voice based and I dislike my voice

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How come just for business/investing? Are most of the rooms talking about stocks and crypto still? If it’s essentially an audio version of Telegram pump and dump groups that sounds pretty…awful :joy:

Still does sound like quite a fun idea generally though. If you did have an invite I would love to try it out! :slight_smile:

I definitely think it’s going to become very popular and their invite model makes sense!

If it was possible to invite me then that would be great - no problem if not though!

I’d be interested in trying it, but don’t know anyone who uses it to invite me. :eyes:

I have a invite spare if you’re interested

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Yes please, I’d definitely be interested if there’s one going!

If anybody has any spare invites I would appreciate one! Thanks

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